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8 Exercise To Stomach Burn Fat Without Jogging

8 Exercise To Stomach Burn Fat Without Jogging

 Stomach Burn Fat Without Jogging

Just like diet, sport is a key point within a weight loss program. However, for many people, physical activity is limited to running on the treadmill, or cycling. Mistake ! Some exercises can be much more effective to burn belly fat especially, faster.

Here is a list of complete exercises, which target several muscles. They do not require equipment and their effectiveness is undeniable in terms of weight loss and muscle building.

1 - Burpee:
The burpees require all the major muscles of the body and represent an excellent exercise in cardio training.

To perform this exercise, stand with your legs slightly apart. Descend as if to make a squat, then with an agile movement, place your hands on the ground and throw your legs back. At this point, you must be in the pump position. Quickly bring your knees up to your chest and get up, then jump as high as you can.

2 -

Pull-ups are an effective exercise to muscle the upper body, especially the arms and back. However, this exercise of hoisting one's body through the strength of these two muscles is not easy to achieve.

Suspended at a bar with fairly wide grip, elbows slightly bent, pull on your arms and lift your body, until your chin goes over the bar. To perform this exercise properly, you must wrap your whole body and make sure not to pull on your chin, to bring it to the bar.

3 - Squat:
Exercise basic, but among the most effective to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and backside especially, squats are simple to achieve.

Standing, legs open to shoulder width, descend by pushing your backside backwards, until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Be sure to keep your back straight and that your knees do not extend beyond your toes.

4 - Pumps:
To tone your chest and muscle your arms, make pumps! This exercise may seem difficult for beginners, but with a few exercises, everyone ends up getting there.

Lie on your stomach, facing the ground, then lift all the weight of your body to shoulder and arm strength. While performing this exercise, your whole body should be straight and wrapped.

5 - Slots:

Like squats, slots are a complete exercise that aims to firm the thighs and tone the backside. This is a classic of any fitness session, which is not complicated to achieve and that can be very effective for having shaped backside, but only if done properly.

Stand with legs spread apart at shoulder width forward one step forward by peeling back heel from back leg. Then descend by bending the knees to form a right angle. Pull up on the front foot and pull it back.

6 - Spider crawl:
This exercise is ideal for strengthening the upper body, as well as all the muscles of the abdominal strap.

Start in the pump position so that the weight of your body is supported by your hands and toes and your back is straight and then descend by bending your elbows. That is the starting position.

Now, lift one foot off the floor and rotate your leg outward by bringing your knee back to your elbows. Alternate by doing the same for the other leg.

7 - Skater:
Skaters look simple, but this exercise, which is difficult to perform, is very effective in toning gluteal muscles, hamstrings and abdominal strap, but also to improve the stability of the heels.

Put yourself in mid-squat position, then jump to the left side, landing on your left foot. Then bring your right foot behind your left heel without touching the floor. Do the same on the other side.

8 - The board:
Ideal for strengthening the muscles of the abdominal, back, arm and leg straps, the board is a complete exercise.

Put yourself facing the floor, then lift your body by taking support on your elbows and toes. Keep your back straight and breathe properly. Stay in this position for as long as possible.