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9 Reasons To Have Friends Who Are Always Late! The 8th Is Necessary In Your Life!

9 Reasons To Have Friends Who Are Always Late! The 8th Is Necessary In Your Life!

9 Reasons To Have Friends Who Are Always Late

As Jacqueline Kelen said: "Friendship gives us the chance to weed our inner garden, or to make our own desert blossom," so friendship is essential to our personal development. The friendly relations we create with others bring us a personal, cultural and also sentimental enrichment.

Each individual being unique and although we have things in common with our friends, some of our behaviors and habits are different. But these differences sometimes bring us much more than our commonalities. Indeed, it is important to understand why this or that attitude of a friend brings us much more than we believe.

So discover 9 things proving that a friend who is always late, brings us a lot:

1- He encourages us
A late friend is not voluntarily. In fact, he thinks he is able to succeed in achieving everything in a short time and that applies to all areas of his life. By nature, he is positive and has this tendency to encourage us to be able to accomplish everything.

2- He does not judge us

A friend who is always late is not going to judge us because ultimately he does not have time to focus on our mistakes. He is easy to live with and confident since he is not the type to criticize us and want to change us, he accepts us as we are.

3-He is relaxed
He shows a lot of calm about all the things in life (and especially in relation to time) which makes us feel relaxed at his side. His motto is "Chi va piano va sano", which means softly but surely.

4- He is positive
As mentioned above, to arrive late, this friend has a very positive time design because he thinks to manage to do everything in a short time. And this positive attitude affects all areas of his life. He spreads joy and good humor around him, making him a great friend!

5- He is a "winner"
The chronic retarder is a winner in life, as he is often creative and optimistic. He is always the first to invent a wacky excuse justifying his delay, and it usually happens to be forgiven. He is able to give us the tricks so that we find the best excuses possible, this is proof of a good friend!

6- We are also late sometimes
Yes, it happens to everyone finally! Because we also, exceptionally of course, arrive late. And this friend will be one of the few not to hold back, we will "shine by our absence" like him, and he will be almost proud of it.

7- He sees things
Our ever-late friend sees things big and does not lose his energy for superfluous details. He is not the type to complain for little hassle and prefers to dwell on more important things. Which is much more motivating!

8- He teaches us to live the present moment
A life well lived is a life where you appreciate every moment. This is the greatest lesson he teaches us because he lives the moment. This notion of time really allows him to devote the best of himself to the moments he lives.

9- He challenges our preconceived perspectives
Is it really so important to arrive on time? When we arrive in advance at an evening for example, we wait for the others to arrive and we get bored. Our beloved friend does not ask questions, and is wanted to enjoy the party better and in better conditions.