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A 23-year-old Mother Is Giving Birth. What Comes Out Of Her Belly Is A Miracle!

A 23-year-old Mother Is Giving Birth. What Comes Out Of Her Belly Is A Miracle!

Alexandra Kinova, 23, gave birth to quintuplets, four boys and a daughter, via a caesarean section, said the Institute for Care of the Child and Mother in Prague. The doctors placed the young mother and her five babies in the intensive care unit.

The final push: the medical staff examines Alexandra before the caesarean at the Podoli Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic.

The doctors take care of one of the newborns after Mrs. Kinova gave birth to four boys and a girl.

Dad was present during childbirth, the young couple already has a son who helped him find the five new names. The four little boys are called: Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin. The girl is called Terezka.

The family did not detect the gender of the five babies at the time of ultrasound, they had to wait until the time of delivery.

The birth took place without any complications said Zbynek Stranak, the chief doctor at the neonatal section of the institute.

Although it is said that all is well, the quintuplets and their mother were placed in an intensive care unit.

Babies have a 95% chance of growing up healthy.

Ms Kinova, a native of Milovice, northeast of Prague, beats a record by giving birth to quintuplets without the use of IVF (in vitro fertilization).

The mother of the six children did not realize that she was actually carrying five babies until the last month of pregnancy.
At the beginning of her pregnancy, the doctors told her that she was expecting twins, and then she was told that she was actually pregnant with quadruplets.
However, it was not until the following month that she finally discovered that she had quintuplets.

Ms Kinova confessed to the Czech news website denik.cz that she was in shock when the news was announced. She said: when we finally found the fifth head, I began to cry.
According to experts, the chances of giving birth to quintuplets have a probability of 1 in several million.

The mother and her spouse have a family history of twins. So, she added, apart from the four months of morning sickness, she had few complications during pregnancy, she was able to sleep on the side and had no problems breathing.

For delivery, the hospital had planned to double the number of doctors and midwives for caesarean section. The young mother also plans to breastfeed the five babies, as she did with her eldest son. "The first child I fed for almost a year and a half, I also want to breastfeed now knowing that some will be under parenteral nutrition. "

Mrs. Kinova was anxious to see her babies on ultrasound but it was not obvious. Indeed, she and her husband could not see everything correctly, only a head or legs.