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A Sciatic Nerve Crisis? This Simple One-minute Exercise Will Rid You Of The Pain Of Sciatica!

A Sciatic Nerve Crisis? This Simple One-minute Exercise Will Rid You Of The Pain Of Sciatica!

A Sciatic Nerve

Considered the evil of the century, back pain can be caused by several factors, such as sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, sciatica, stress, kidney turn and aging. When it comes to sciatica, things get complicated and the pain becomes unbearable. This condition is characterized by severe pain in the lower back and muscle of the legs. To relieve them, do this daily exercise of 60 seconds.

Sciatica is a real health problem. In France, the prevalence of sciatica is 8 per 1000, or 435,000 cases reported each year. These pains, which occur as a result of compression of the nerves, are generally felt on one side of the body. They reach the backside and can extend to the foot, sometimes also to the lower back.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica or otherwise called sciatic neuritis is a very common disease in adults. This is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve that is the longest and largest nerve in the human body. It has a sensory and motor function; It ensures the sensitivity of the skin of the lower limbs and the motricity of the joints of the knee and the hip. The sciatic nerve also controls the ankle and muscles of the leg and thigh.

When you exert pressure on the nerve, you experience a violent pain that resembles a sudden stretch or spinal injury. The pain is triggered because the nerve undergoes a fairly strong compression and can manifest itself in different forms.

The causes of sciatica:

The causes of sciatica are many. Poor posture, pregnancy, overweight, ligament or muscle sprain or spasm, wearing high-heeled shoes or sleeping on a soft mattress may be triggering factors. There are, however, other more serious causes that can cause sciatica:
  • The herniated disc
  • arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • The spondylolisthesis
  • Joint dysfunction of the sacro-iliac
  • The articular dysfunction of a lumbar vertebra
  • Piriform syndrome
  • Aging
  • Diabetes
  • A tumor
  • An infection
  • Fracture
  • Stenosis of the spinal canal
  • Meningitis

How to cure and relieve sciatica?

There is no cure that can cure these pains permanently. The sufferers usually go to a chiropractor. However, the following series of exercises will help you relieve them.

- Sit on the floor with your left leg straight and then pull your right knee toward your chest. Stay 10 seconds in this position then try to do the same with the other leg.

- Lie on your back with both legs bent and raised from the floor, then move slightly up and down for 10 seconds.
- Always lie down, grab one of your legs and pull it up to your chest. Keep the position 10 seconds and then do the same with the other leg.

- Then sit on the floor, stretch both legs and try to touch your feet with your hands. Hold for 10 seconds.

However, it is necessary to consult a specialist to know what you really are suffering, because according to your diagnosis, some exercises may not match or even aggravate your pain.

Here are some natural remedies to also relieve sciatica:

The Willow Infusion: Thanks to the salicin contained in the willow, willow infusion is highly recommended in the case of sciatica pain. Salicin has analgesic properties, which help to calm and reduce pain.

Oregano: It is excellent for relieving sciatic pain because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious virtues.

Heat: Applying heat to the painful area can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. To do this, you can apply warm compresses to the affected area.