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Alert: If You Eat French Fries, You Must Absolutely Read This New Information

Alert: If You Eat French Fries, You Must Absolutely Read This New Information

Alert: If You Eat French Fries, You Must Absolutely Read This New Information

Unless you prefer to eat raw food, we have a wide range of cooking methods. To fry, to jump, to grill, to fry ... to us to choose. However, frying is the most inadvisable or at least very rarely used in cooking, especially when it comes to potatoes. Discover the harmful effects of eating French fries on our health.

French fries are among the most popular foods around the world and some countries, such as Belgium, even make it a national symbol. The world's consumption of this food exceeds 11 billion kilos a year, or nearly 350 kilos of chips per second, without taking into account the fries prepared at home.

The consumption of
French fries
In USA, 73% of people consume at least once a month, 60% eat home fries at least once a year.

Another survey revealed that the consumption of French fries increases when it is a group meal. In the family, the rate of consumption is perched at 90%, on vacation, it exceeds 85%, with friends, the rate is 81% while it reaches 58% couple.

However, be aware that high consumption of French fries is detrimental to health. Here's why !

French fries increase risk of death
A study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, observed potato consumption in a group of 4,400 people, aged between 45 and 79 years, for eight years. At the end of this study, 236 people died.

Potatoes in general do not increase the risk of death of a person. But when the researchers looked more closely at the different methods of cooking potatoes adopted by the candidates, they found that consumption, at least twice a week, of meals including French fries, or fried potatoes, Doubling the risk of death.
The potato, to be banished?
No ! According to the authors of this research, white potatoes, when not fried, are healthy foods that contain a good amount of vitamins, micronutrients and fiber that promote a sense of satiety and intestinal transit. Baked in water or steamed, a ration of 250 grams of potatoes represents about 20% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Moreover, its nutritional value, counterbalances the harmful effect on the health of its high glycemic index. However, when it passes through an oil bath, its fat and salt content increases considerably, and with it its health risks.

At the moment, the link between frequent consumption of fries and increased risk of death is only an association, and researchers argue that more research is needed and that larger groups This causal link and to decide on the health risks of French fries.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to eat potatoes in salad, boiled, baked or mashed, in order to preserve one's health and not reduce life expectancy.