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Alert: The Whole Family Died After Consuming This Food

Alert: The Whole Family Died After Consuming This Food

Alert: The Whole Family Will Died After Consuming This Food -

Potatoes are undoubtedly the most consumed vegetables in the world. Appetizing, filling and able to preserve for long periods of time, they also bring many benefits to health. Only in some cases, these vegetables can become toxic. Here is the story of a Russian family who lost their lives due to exposure to rotten potatoes.

It was in a town near the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan that a family was decimated. Only survivor: a child of 8 years.

In 2013, Maria Chelysheva lost her father, mother, grandmother and grandmother after a most unlikely incident: they died after breathing a gas emitted by rotten potatoes that they kept In their cellar.

According to the police report, 42-year-old Maria's father was the first to go down into the cellar and died. His wife Anastasia, 38, noticed that he had been late, worried and decided to go and get him. But she suffered the same fate as her husband. Their 18-year-old son also did not escape after going to see them.

The 68-year-old grandmother, finding these disappearances followed very doubtful, called the neighbors to ask for help. But by the time they arrived, she went down to the cellar and collapsed on the ground due to the effect of the gas emitted by the potatoes.

There was nothing left but the little Maria who, frightened, also decided to go down to the cellar to look for the whole family. It was there that she found the bodies strewn on the ground. A tragic and traumatic scene that the little one never recovered.

But why did Maria not live the same fate as her family? Chance sometimes does things well. Maria's grandmother accidentally left the cellar door open, unaware that with this gesture she was going to save her little girl's life. The gas then dissipated and did not affect the child.

Local police inspectors confirmed that the family had indeed died of a gas poisoning that had accumulated in the cellar due to the potatoes that had been lying there for too long.

This story will certainly move a lot of readers, but it will also make people aware of the danger of rotten potatoes.

How to explain this incident?
Potatoes contain toxic compounds known as glycoalkaloids. These are naturally occurring substances in other plants of the solanaceae family.

This vegetable contains in particular solanine and chaconine, substances toxic to humans, when consumed excessively. They can affect the nervous system and cause confusion and a feeling of weakness. Glycoalkaloids can also cause diarrhea, cramps, headaches or in more severe cases, coma or death.

Normally, the level of glycoalkaloids increases in the tuber following exposure of potatoes to light or when they are no longer fresh.

The rotten potatoes then emit a toxic gas that has several health consequences and can even be fatal, as was the case of Maria Chelysheva's family.

How to reduce exposure to glycoalkaloids?

Although there are very few cases of potato poisoning, caution is warranted. Here are some tips to prevent them:
  • Do not eat potatoes with germs
  • Store these vegetables in a dry place away from light to reduce the creation of glycoalkaloids
  • Discard green or rotten potatoes
  • Peel the potatoes to decrease glycoalkaloids