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Are You Sleeping Wrong? Try This Trick. It Works Very Well!

Are You Sleeping Wrong? Try This Trick. It Works Very Well!

Are You Sleeping Badly? Try This Trick. It Works Very Well!

If after a busy long day you think of only one thing the bed, but once inside you do not stop to turn in all directions before falling into the arms of Morpheus, then you are not the one Only person! Many people experience the same situation. Here is a good tip to overcome this problem.

10 positions to sleep better as a baby

Here are some yoga positions that will help you sleep better all night. They are simple, and you can achieve them even by lacking a little flexibility.

1 - Meditation:


An ideal posture to reflect calmly before going to bed. Sit on your bed comfortably, legs crossed. Make sure that the back remains straight to stretch the spine. Release your arms and breathe deeply 3 times in a row. Put the vacuum in your head by focusing only on breathing.

2 - The seating clip

A stretching exercise to do just before going to bed. Sit on your bed by stretching your legs. Tilt slowly forward until you touch your toes. If you can not reach them try to go as far as possible.

3 - The posture of the child

Sit on your heels and keep your back straight. Slowly bend the bust forward until your forehead touches the bed and keep your arms outstretched, hands resting on the bed. Keep this position as far as you can by breathing deeply.

4 - The half-twist


This posture makes it possible to stretch the spine and the upper part of the body. Sit with your legs crossed, place your right hand on your left knee, place your left hand behind your back and gently turn to the left. Turn your head to look over your left shoulder and breathe deeply, before you start to position your head gently in the center. Repeat the twist on the other side.

5 - The butterfly

This posture is very relaxing, lie on the bed and bend your knees. Join the plants of your feet so that your legs are open at both ends. Release the arms by dropping them on the sides. If you feel cramps in the lower body, place some cushions under your knees to slightly lift your legs.

6 - Posture of the square


One of the most meditative positions. Sit on the bed in front of the wall. Lie on your back, arms along your body and palms facing down. Spread your arms and simultaneously lift your legs vertically, heels towards the sky. Leave the arms relaxed with the feet up. Breathe gently and stretch your legs as far as you can while holding the posture for a few seconds.

7 - The child on the back


A calming and stimulating position. Lie on your back, bring your knees back to your chest. Cross your legs and surround them with your arms. Cradle your body to sit down, relax and exhale.

8 - The pigeons


Intense but effective for tired legs, start by putting yourself on all fours keeping your hands at shoulder width apart. Then take the right knee between your hands and, in exhaling, stretch the left leg behind you. Fold your body over the left knee. Hold the position as much as possible and then repeat the process by changing sides.

9 - The crocodile


Perfect stretch for mornings, just before getting out of bed. On your back, gently carry your knees toward your chest. Take your legs folded over the chest behind your knees with the left arm and gently carry them to the right. The head must follow the same movement of the legs. Hold the position for a minute or two and repeat the same on the other side.

10 - The fish


If you suffer from back pain, it is better to avoid doing this intense stretching. Lie on your back and place your hands under the hips, then raise your torso slightly by tilting your head backwards.
Keep this posture for a minute, relax and start again. This posture can be repeated several times.

In addition to these movements, it is necessary to think about changing certain habits that influence the quality of sleep.