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Here Is The Dirtiest Part Of The Human Body And How To Clean It!

Here Is The Dirtiest Part Of The Human Body And How To Clean It!

 dirtiest part of the human body and how to clean it

Pollution, public transport and poor personal hygiene encourage the emergence of diseases and health problems. Although it is inevitable to come in contact with bacteria and toxins, there is a part of the body that is often forgotten to clean and that is conducive to their appearance is the navel!

The navel, scientifically called "umbilicus," is the first scar of our body. It is due to the fall of the umbilical cord that usually occurs, a dozen days after our birth. There are many differences in the navel of the human being, whether in size, shape, depth or overall appearance. However, the navel is a nest with bacteria.

We offer you some tips for good body hygiene and a natural method to effectively clean your navel.

Some tips for good body hygiene:

Taking Showers: It is best to take a shower every other day, and in warm water, to avoid drying the skin using a natural cleanser, such as black soap that respects the pH of the skin. The shower makes it possible to clean and eliminate the sweat, the excess of sebum, some of the microbes and the accumulated dirt on the surface of the skin.
Spacing shampoos: In the same way as the shower, it is recommended, regarding the cleanliness of the hair, to space the washing one to two days. So you will avoid that they regrate too quickly. Also be sure to use a natural shampoo.

Clean your face: Like the hands, the facial skin is most prone to external aggression. Start your day by applying a make-up remover or natural lotion to your face to cleanse the sweat and sebum produced overnight. Think about moisturizing it as it allows the skin to protect itself against external aggressions, sun, cold and toxins. For oily skin, be sure to use a non-comedogenic natural cream. Also, make sure you remove make-up and clean your face every night, to get rid of impurities accumulated during the day.
To have a gentle intimate hygiene: The shower is sufficient for a good intimate hygiene. Being a sensitive part and prone to irritations and infections, the intimate parts do not need to be cleaned with intimate gel. Indeed, the intimate parts flora is constituted of bacteria necessary to fight against the external aggressions and the inconveniences females.

Wash your hands regularly: This is one of the most recommended precautions to prevent the spread of disease. Soaping hands, insisting between fingers, helps fight bacteria and viruses from contagious diseases. Be sure to wash your hands regularly and more precisely before eating, after taking public transport but also before and after going to the toilet.

The Natural Way to Clean Your Navel Effectively

Hollow navel: Using a cotton swab dipped in a modified alcohol-based disinfectant or rubbing alcohol, clean the inside of your navel before going to shower. Then, during your shower and using a second clean cotton swab on which you will have put natural shower gel, clean in the same way. Rinse with lukewarm water and thoroughly dry your navel.

Convex navel: For people with a protruding navel, apply a little shower gel on the end of a cotton towel and clean your navel. Then rinse with lukewarm water and thoroughly dry your navel.

Drying is an important step in cleaning your navel, because if this area is wet, it will promote the proliferation of bacteria.