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Do This And Hold For A Few Seconds. It's The Secret Of Healthy People

Do This And Hold For A Few Seconds. It's The Secret Of Healthy People

Do This And Hold For A Few Seconds. It's The Secret Of Healthy People

Our body consists of various energy flows that illustrate our psychic and physical state. These channels are particularly present on the surface of our hands and feet. So here's why surprising reasons you should practice yoga hands!

This discipline called Mudra is used, according to the yogic tradition, to stimulate the points linked to certain parts or regions of the human body. Indeed, the mudras, gestures of the fingers, access various zones of our brain, our body and our spirit by the touch or the pressure of the sensitive points.

Even though these simple gestures may seem mind-boggling, their relaxing effects can be seen over time. Because to regain your inner calm and better health, the mudras are to be practiced regularly.

Discover the benefits of hand yoga practice and how to do it:

The 7 Yoga exercises of the hands:

1 - Mudra Prana (Mudra of the Energy)


Fold the little finger and the ring finger and touch the tips of these two fingers to the end of the thumb. With this position you will see a reduction in fatigue and impaired vision. It also strengthens your body and immune system.

2. Mudra Gyan (Mudra of Knowledge)

Sit in the Lotus position and lay your hands on your knees. Then touch the tip of your thumb with your index finger with the other three fingers folded or straight. This position promotes relaxation of the mind and concentration. This will reduce your anxiety and stress as well as depression and insomnia.

3. Mudra Prithvi (Mudra of the Earth)

Touch the tip of your fingertip with the tip of your thumb and then tighten the other fingers with each other keeping them straight. This posture of the fingers regulates the balance between the other elements and the element of the Earth within your body. This also helps to have a good digestion.

4. Mudra Vayu (Mudra of the Air)

Bend the index finger towards the palm of your hand and press it with the thumb. Your other three fingers should be stretched upwards. This position of the fingers promotes the reduction of bloating and constipation, it helps you during digestive disorders.

5. Mudra Jal or Mudra Varuna (Water Mudra)

 Touch your little finger with the tip of your thumb, without pressing too hard and keeping the other fingers straight. Perform this exercise by sitting with your legs crossed, that is to say the Sukhasana position or easy posture. This mudra will help you relieve muscle aches, improve your blood circulation and reduce dry mouth.
6. Mudra Agni (Fire Mudra)

This position of the fingers is linked to the element of Fire in your body. Direct your ring finger towards the palm of your hand then press the second phalanx with the base of the thumb. Spread the other fingers towards the outer sides. For best effects, practice this exercise in the morning on an empty stomach because this position is not recommended for gastric acid. However, it will strengthen the immune system and improve the metabolism.

7. Mudra Shunya (Mudra of the Void)

Simply press the first phalanx of the major with the base of your thumb. Always keep the other fingers stretched up. This mudra is beneficial in cases of transport sickness, dizziness and disturbances affecting the ear, nose and tongue.