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How To Remove Blackheads At Home! A Simple Trick!

How To Remove Blackheads At Home! A Simple Trick!

Here's How To Remove Blackheads At Home! A Simple Trick!

Blackheads are a real nightmare because they are hard to remove and give an unsightly appearance to the face, especially the nose. Whether it is men or women, everyone is concerned with this problem, regardless of age and regardless of skin type. Fortunately, there are some methods to prevent their occurrence and promote their elimination.

The habits necessary for good hygiene

Blackheads appear due to the accumulation of sebum and dead skin that do not let the pores of the skin breathe properly. These pores are dark in color and turn into blackheads. The best way to remedy this is to adopt a good daily hygiene of the skin and to avoid the use of products that attack the skin, such as drying or degreasing soaps that stimulate the secretion of sebum.

Do not forget to wash your face daily with lukewarm water and to clean it with an antibacterial soap to remove the impurities caused by perspiration and prevent the formation of blackheads.

Makeup also tends to clog the pores and dry skin, which is why makeup removal is an essential step in beauty rituals because it is synonymous with sanitized skin and aging slowed down. It is recommended to use a cleansing milk or a micellar water that respects the pH of the skin before washing the face with a mild soap and to clean it with a tonic lotion.

Hydration is also essential because it avoids the appearance of blackheads, it is necessary daily to apply a moisturizing cream adapted to the type of skin. Especially since it prevents the appearance of brown spots and signs of premature aging of the skin.

People with blackheads are often tempted to touch their faces to remove them with a tissue or tweezers. What they do not know is that such a method increases the risk of having pimples or even scars. It is better to use the services of a specialized person, a dermatologist or a beautician, for professional facial care.

The toothpaste and salt mask to eliminate blackheads

  • 2 teaspoons of toothpaste
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt


Place the toothpaste in a bowl and then add the salt and mix, it is possible to add a little warm water if the paste is too hard.
Apply this mixture to the nose and chin and leave to act for 5 minutes before gently massaging with wet fingers by making circular movements. Rinse with clear water and apply the usual moisturizer.

By applying this mask, a feeling of intense freshness is felt is related to the effect of the toothpaste on the skin.

This purifying mask is effective thanks to the antibacterial effects of the toothpaste, as for the sea salt it recharges the skin in minerals and eliminates the impurities thanks to its exfoliating properties. It is rich in calcium, zinc, potassium, iron and iodine.

How to choose toothpaste?

Care should be taken to choose a white toothpaste because those that are colored or green-striped usually contain irritants.

Whitening toothpastes should also be avoided as they contain agents that may discolor or irritate the skin; This warning mainly concerns people with dark or even dark skin because melanin is more reactive, which can cause scars and spots.

As for fluoride-containing toothpastes, they can cause significant skin reactions of the dermatosis type if used by people allergic to fluoride. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the toothpaste used contains the least fluorine possible or even fluorine at all to avoid the risks of skin irritation.

It is best to use an organic toothpaste because, although it contains no chemicals, pesticides or growth hormones, it is made up of agents necessary to remove blackheads and bacteria.