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If You Have These Two Holes On The Back You Are Really Special! Find Out What This Reveals To You

If You Have These Two Holes On The Back You Are Really Special! Find Out What This Reveals To You

chin dimples

Having dimples is a special feature and a sign of beauty in some people. They are a visible hollow found on the cheeks, upper lip, chin or back. If you have these two small dimples in the lower back and you want to know their meaning, read this article!

The dimples are a hereditary trait which is in fact due to a malformation of the zygomatic muscle. This charming detail is only present in 20% of people. Some of us have this little sign of beauty but do not know the true meaning.

What is the meaning of the dimples on the back and where do they come from?

These sacro-iliac dimples are commonly referred to as Salt-shakers of Venus in Apollo women and salters in men (in reference to the God of beauty and the Goddess of love). They are formed at the place where two bones connect to the pelvis and are only visible in people who have appropriate ligaments or genetic predisposition. The presence of these two dimples also indicates that your body contains little fat and that you have good blood circulation.

In addition to being pretty, Venus saltwaters promise super pleasure satisfaction. A good blood circulation in the pelvis allows women to have a 
pleasure satisfaction more easily.

What do the other dimples reveal?

These adorable holes on the cheeks, the chin or the upper lip do not appear in everyone.

The dimples on the cheeks make you irresistible!

It's no coincidence that half the stars have dimples on their cheeks. They add charm and attraction to the face of the person. In some cultures, these dimples are secrets of youth and wisdom and the people who wear them are very lucky. But science gives another signification; The dimples are actually a birth defect that can be hereditary. This impression of depressions is formed by a short stretching of the facial muscles. The dimples can be formed during the growth of the fetus and you can even see them during an ultrasound.

The chin dimples, a very original feature!

This small detail is due to the large zygomatic, it is the muscle of the face which leaves from the malar bone of the jaw and connects the labial commissure of mouth to the cheekbone.

The dimple on the chin is considered a charming trump card and a strong personality symbol. It is a sign of determination, will, or even selfishness in women and a sign of strength, courage and sense of responsibility in man. There is however a small difference between the dimple on the chin and the chin slit. The latter is much more visible and thinner than the dimple.

The dimples are due to genetics. If you have any, you can pass them on to your children!

The dimple on the lip or "footprint of the angel"

This dimple is found under the nose and in the middle of the upper lip and is called the philtrum. According to some beliefs, this dimple is created by an angel who, just before the birth of the child, places his finger exactly at this place so that the child forgets all the events and memories of pregnancy. On the side of science, the philtrum marks the location of the fusion of the various parts of the face. 

The face takes shape and develops during the 2nd and 3rd month of pregnancy and all the bones of the skull, face and head meet progressively. If, during this development, a bad union of the zones occurs, malformations such as the cleft lip or cleft palate will appear.