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It Only Takes 4 Mins A Day To Change Your Body- Try This For A Month And See

It Only Takes 4 Mins A Day To Change Your Body- Try This For A Month And See

It will take 4 minutes a day to change your body- Try this one month and you will see

What if you had the opportunity to change your body in just 4 minutes and in 4 weeks? You'll probably think it's too good to be true. Try.

You are right to think that it is beautiful. It's beautiful and it's true! It is a program that consists of doing the board a month for only 4 minutes a day.

The board is one of the targeted exercises that exterminates the most recalcitrant fats and this by soliciting a lot of muscles at the same time. It is also an exercise that strengthens the central part of the body as well as the internal and external muscles of the back and upper parts of the trunk, arms, legs and glutes. The muscles contract exactly as if you were doing pumps and are reinforced with the same intensity.

Take up this challenge, several hundred people have done it before you and win a new silhouette.

Respecting the horizontal position is of major importance for successfully performing these exercises. Indeed, when you lean on the elbows and toes, your whole body must form a straight line.

The challenge of the board must be completed after four weeks. First you just start the position of the board (explained below) for 20 seconds. Easy, is not it? And as the days go by you will develop your performance and endurance until you reach the four minute threshold.

Here's the challenge:
Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30-second board
Day 4: 30 seconds board
Day 5: 40 seconds
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 45 seconds
Day 8: 45 seconds
Day 9: 60 seconds board
Day 10: 60 seconds board
Day 11: 60 seconds board
Day 12: 90 seconds board
Day 13: Resting
Day 14: 90 seconds board
Day 15: 90 seconds
Day 16: 120 seconds board
Day 17: 120 seconds board
Day 18: Plate of 150 seconds
Day 19: Resting
Day 20: 150 seconds board
Day 21: Plate of 150 seconds
Day 22: 180 seconds board
Day 23: 180 seconds board
Day 24: board of 210 seconds
Day 25: Resting
Day 26: board of 210 seconds
Day 27: 240 seconds
Day 28: board until exhaustion

How to do this exercise correctly

The key to success is very closely related to respecting the position of the board. Adopt a good breath, preferably slow, and using the abdominal muscles, try to maintain yourself and maintain the neck and head straight. Your weight is shared between the elbows and legs and balanced thanks to the glutes. After focusing on the right balance, all you have to do is concentrate and surpass yourself during these 28 days of challenge.

Why the board?
Tone your belly: the board involves the cardiac effort to stabilize the body in order to maintain the correct posture of the movement. The abdominal muscles are heavily stressed during this workout, as time goes on they stiffen.

Maintain the balance of your body: the belly play a very important role in maintaining the position of the board. You will notice that by practicing this kind of exercises your body will be able to achieve an even wider range of training program.

You will improve your flexibility as you work the back in the position of the board, the shoulder blades will gain in flexibility.

Who thought that such a simple exercise would make such metamorphoses. Enjoy your new body.