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Parents Are Shocked When The Doberman Attacks Their Little Girl. When They Discover Reason, They Thank Him

Parents Are Shocked When The Doberman Attacks Their Little Girl. When They Discover Reason, They Thank Him

The dog has always been Man's best friend. This is explained by his great level of understanding because the dog has a region of his brain sensitive to the voice and emotions of his interlocutor.

The majority of dogs are extraordinary and benevolent pets.

Unfortunately, sometimes some dogs act violently and become aggressive towards other dogs or humans.

When a large dog has this behavior repeatedly, this can become scary. Owners come to wonder if their children's safety is jeopardized with virulent animals.

This is the question Catherine Svilicic asked when the dog, adopted only a few days ago, acted extremely aggressively towards one of his children.

The incredible story of Catherine and her dog:

In October 2007, Catherine Svilicic had a pleasant time. Her daughter, Charlotte, aged 17 months, plays alone in the garden, a few meters away. Their new pet Khan, a Doberman having been neglected in the past, is also found in the yard.

The dog had been adopted for four days by Catherine. Before he had this new home, Khan had a horrible life because his old master was building him and not feeding him enough.
Then an incident happened spoiling the day in an instant.

The dog acts aggressively with Charlotte, he seems focused on it and constantly tries to push it, as if he were attacking it. But the little girl does not fall, so Khan takes her by the back of her bed and throws her more than a meter away from where they are.

The mother is completely shocked when she sees Khan's behavior and decides to approach. She sees something crawling beneath the house: a venomous snake. It is at this moment that the dog barks and collapses in pain.

Catherine realizes in a few seconds that Khan has just sacrificed herself and saved little Charlotte from a snake of the Mulga, one of the most dangerous and venomous in the world.

She immediately takes the pet dog to the veterinarian before it is too late. Khan receives an antidote and he comes out unscathed.

Without Khan's bravery, Charlotte would probably have been bitten in her stead.

Even though Khan had only been in his new family for four days, he was ready to protect little Charlotte no matter what the danger. A real hero!

Dogs are loyal and very protective animals. So even if some of their behavior seems dangerous to us, it happens that it is only a reflex to protect us.

Your dog's education is very important for him to be sociable with other dogs and people he does not know. Also be aware that your behavior will engender that of your dog, then show him the good example.

Here are some tips to educate your dog:
  • Be responsible and committed to your education
  • Do not give up, lots of patience is needed
  • Be positive, your behavior is essential for success
  • Prepare candy as a reward and praise him
  • Do not forget to preserve the health of your dog so that it is at its best
  • Play with it, learning will be easier by playing
Your dog will be more willing to be in the presence of other people or animals afterwards. You will also be reassured to see that he obeys you.

And if you are amazed by the protective instinct and the incredible loyalty of the dogs, share this story!