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23 Situations That Only Children Of Strict Parents Can Understand

23 Situations That Only Children Of Strict Parents Can Understand

23 Situations That Only Children Of Strict Parents Can Understand

Becoming a parent is the joy and wish of most of us. Being parents is a difficult and very demanding mission that can be learned with experience. If you received a strict education when you were a child, you will surely recognize yourself in these situations!

During our childhood, we always felt like we had the strictest parents in the world. They forbade us many things and spoiled those mad and wonderful moments of childhood. But as adults, we finally understand that they were right.

Here are 23 situations that only those who have had a strict education will include:

1 - You were always the first person to have to go home in your group of friends.

2 - To be able to spend the night with friends, you had to give your parents all the contact information (phone number, address and names of the parents). You should also give them a full report of the family tree, promise them not to drink alcohol, not to smoke and go to bed before 10 pm.

3 - If your friends organize an evening out or a last minute outing and you want to attend, know that it is lost in advance. They must be notified at least two or three days before they can process your application.

4 - Before asking your parents for something, you had to train in front of a mirror to prepare your speech and your answers.

5 - You never try to ask them anything if they were not in a good mood.

6 - Have you ever tried to convince them by playing the role of the victim? This technique is excellent for asking for something very important.

7 - If you tried to ask them something and they answered with a "No", know that retrying is lost.

8 - It was always necessary to choose between attending the Friday or Saturday evening, because it is impossible that they allow you to attend both.

9 - The worst part was when your friends changed plans a dozen times and each time you had to explain all these changes to your parents again.

10 - Lying was your only way out of the house.

11 - You were the only one who did not say big words.

12 - Your parents never dared to talk to you about adult topics, but they may have bought you a book to answer all your questions.

13 - During dinner, conversations revolved around your schooling but never about your relationships and your adventures.

14 - Even when choosing your clothes, you always thought if they would accept or not. It is forbidden to wear a "short" skirt or a "plunging" neckline.

15 - It was impossible to have a piercing, tattoo or colored hair. Piercing ears to wear loops, was the maximum level of change tolerated.

16 - The choice of your first name was not difficult and did not come out of the ordinary. You shared the same first name as four or five other people in your class.

17 - You were always ready to change channels in case your parents landed in the room.

18 - Your parents always tried to enroll as accompanying people in school outings. And often they did.

19 - They would always repeat the same sentences and remarks: "Take your elbows off the table", "Why do not you put your napkin on your knees? "Is it an hour to go home?" "," Call us when you arrive ".

20 - You have always dreamed of doing what you want in your own way without the permission of anyone.

21 - You had a bizarre reaction when your friends told you that they had spent the night with their boyfriend or girlfriend and that the night was hectic.

22 - You were always careful in telling jokes to your parents because their reaction was often incomprehensible.

23 - If you ever miss a single call from your parents, they will immediately think that you are smoking marijuana with that friend they thought would have a bad influence on you.