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You Suffer From A Bloated Stomach? Here's How To Relieve Your Constipation And Bloating In Minutes

You Suffer From A Bloated Stomach? Here's How To Relieve Your Constipation And Bloating In Minutes

Relieve Your Constipation And Bloating In Minutes

During normal digestion, gases occur naturally in the intestines, and although their evacuation is sometimes troublesome, this is not problematic. This becomes worrying if their frequency increases or decreases, as well as for the intestinal transit and the evacuation of the stools.

Constipation and bloating are among the most frequent and disturbing digestive disorders. They are caused by the lifestyle and diet of the person and by the emotions. These digestive disorders can become chronic and even disabling in everyday life, because the belly is our "second brain".

Here's how to relieve your constipation and bloating

If you suffer from constipation and chronic bloating, be aware that causes, which you do not suspect, worsen your health problem. Here are some foods to banish from your diet, or at least to reduce:

Dairy products can cause gas and bloating, so limit your intake of milk, yogurts and cheese and prefer almond, coconut or flax milk.

Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and asparagus are nutritious and healthy foods. Unfortunately in the case of digestive disorders, they are to be consumed in moderation because they contain sugars that are difficult to digest.

Beans contain polysaccharides, that is, sugars, which are indigestible. It is for this reason that the dry beans must be rinsed before cooking, in order to be able to eliminate these famous sugary sugars.

Apples and pears are foods rich in soluble fiber. This causes digestive problems for people with a sensitive stomach, so they should be consumed in moderation.

But there are natural remedies to relieve constipation and reduce bloating. Here are 10 foods to consume for a happy transit:

The 10 anti-constipation and bloating foods:

1: Dill
Dill and dill seeds act as antispasmodic agents for the colon and relieve bloating and flatulence. After consuming dill, the smooth muscles of the digestive tract are at rest, the production of bile is stimulated and the stomach ache fades.

2: The caraway seeds cumin
The cumin of the caraway seeds possess anti-carminative properties, making it possible to expel the gases properly and to avoid their accumulation. In addition, caraway seeds promote the development of good bacteria for the intestine and the elimination of fat around the abdomen.

3: Ginger

Thanks to its compounds like enzymes, ginger relieves gastric problems and therefore reduces gastrointestinal symptoms. It acts against the bloating and also makes it possible to expel the gases.

4: Pineapple
Just like ginger, pineapple is made up of enzymes to improve digestion and avoid gas and bloating. Thanks to this fruit, the intestinal transit is restored.

5: Green tea with mint
Green tea with mint relaxes the gastrointestinal muscles and facilitates digestion. Green tea contains many molecules of flavonoids that help fight against constipation and bloating. It is also a diet ally because it is diuretic.

6: The herbal tea with chamomile
Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, carminative and relaxing virtues, which relieve and relax the digestive tract. In addition, herbal tea with chamomile reduces stress, the main cause of digestive disorders in most of us.

7: The papaya
Papaya is an exotic fruit that reduces bloating. The proteolytic enzymes contained in papaya promote the expulsion of gases and reduce bloating and retention of water.

8: Parsley

The use of parsley is excellent for fresh breath but also for improving digestion. It is a natural diuretic, allowing the elimination of excess salt accumulated in the body, this therefore causes the reduction of gas and bloating.

9: The lemon
Beyond the benefits of having white teeth, or fighting throat infections, lemon helps to fight against mild or chronic constipation, when consumed regularly. This is due to its anti-nausea, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. However, it is better to consume dilute (in juice with water and with a straw to avoid damaging the teeth).
10: The prunes
You have probably already heard about prunes to fight against constipation and bloating. Indeed, they are recommended for their laxative effect, as prunes are excellent sources of soluble and insoluble fiber. It is a natural remedy that also protects the mucous membranes and stimulates the functions of the colon.

Also remember to hydrate well, and avoid certain foods such as rice, bananas, cooked carrots, quince, which are recommended for digestive disorders such as diarrhea.