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The Belly Of This Woman Did Not Stop Swelling After The Delivery! When The Doctors Operated, They Were Stunned

The Belly Of This Woman Did Not Stop Swelling After The Delivery! When The Doctors Operated, They Were Stunned

The Belly Of This Woman Did Not Stop Swelling After The Delivery! When The Doctors Operated, They Were Stunned

Being a mom is the most fulfilling experience of a woman's life. From conception to birth, every stage of pregnancy has a special charm. Only a lot of pregnant women dread delivery and its complications and the story of Yulina justifies this anguish.

Even if childbirth means the end of a long wait and the imminent arrival of a long-awaited little being, it is often a source of anxiety and anguish for mothers. In addition to the physical pain, they also fear the possible complications that can accompany it, both for them and for their baby.

In what follows, you will find the story of a young Russian mother who, after her delivery, her belly never ceased to increase in volume. Here is what happened.

Strange complications

Yulina Selina is a young woman of 34 years living in St. Petersburg Russia. Being in her last moments of pregnancy, she waited impatiently for the day when she would at last give birth to her second child.

At the beginning of the job, Yulia expressed her desire to give birth by way of bass and everything seemed to be at its best. However, things began to get complicated and the doctors decided to opt for a caesarean delivery, which the young woman accepted to save the life of her daughter she had been waiting for 9 long months.

What she did not know was that in making this decision it was her own life that she was endangering.

After childbirth

Dima was born in good health but soon after her birth, her mother began to feel more and more ill. By going to consult, the doctors had taken his complaints lightly, putting his condition on the account of Caesarean section. However, the condition of the young mother became progressively worse, becoming critical. She was suffering from fever and atrocious and unbearable pain.

After an intense discomfort and a lot of insistence, she was finally taken to another hospital where the doctors gave her an ultrasound to determine the exact cause of her condition. The results of the examination showed the presence in his belly of a large quantity of liquid and a foreign body.

The young mother was immediately transferred to the operating room where she stayed for more than 5 hours. The surgeons have extracted 2.5 liters of pus and a doctor's chemise abandoned in his abdomen since the birth of little Dima!

The team of surgeons said they were flabbergasted by their find and did not know how such a thing could happen.

After seeing the pictures, Yulia remained completely shocked. To be always alive was a miracle for her. The irresponsibility of the doctors to whom she had entrusted her life and that of her daughter caused her great consternation.

But even though the young woman's family and her lawyers tried to convince her to file a complaint against the hospital for negligence, and thus prevent a similar drama from happening again, Yulia had decided to forgive them, for to her , The main thing is that everything went well for her and for her little girl.

Yulia's story is surprising and has scandalized many people around the world. Luckily, everything ended well for her, for things could have been worse if she had not insisted on being examined.