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You Have A Sciatica? These 8 Amazing Stretches That Will Help You Enjoy Your Life Without Pain!

You Have A Sciatica? These 8 Amazing Stretches That Will Help You Enjoy Your Life Without Pain!

 8 Amazing Stretches That Will Help You Enjoy Your Life Without Pain!

We all have elderly relatives complaining about their sciatica, but do you really know what they are complaining about? Can you tell exactly where the sciatic nerve is located and what area of the body can affect it? To better understand the problems of your loved ones, you should know that the sciatic nerve begins in the lower back and descends through the muscles of your legs.

Sciatica has two main causes: the piriformis muscle and the herniated disc. If you suspect that this may be the problem, immediately visit your doctor for a full review, as this could evolve with much more harmful disorders. But about 70% of sciatica cases are caused by the pear-shaped muscle and, fortunately, there are several yoga poses that help relieve this pain without having to go to the nearest health center.

1. The vertebral half-twist

The vertebral half-twist

If you are not that kind of person to take stretching classes, start with this simple but effective pose. Put a foot on a chair, and place the outside of your opposite hand on your raised knee. Place the other hand on your hip. Turn the upper body without moving your hips and keep this position for more than thirty seconds, then pass.

2. The knee lift
The knee lift
Lie on your back and bring one knee back to your chest, the other leg must remain extended. Keep your shoulders well against the ground.

3. The twisting of the two knees

The twisting of the two knees

Lie on your back, form a capital "T" with your arms, then put your knees to one side, shoulders sticking to the floor.

4. Torsion with a folded leg
Twist with a folded leg

Lie on your back and bend a knee to achieve a 90 ° angle. Place the opposite hand on the knee bent and turn your face toward the arm glued to the floor. Try to keep both shoulders glued to the floor.

5. The Twisted Lunge
 Twisted Lunge

Take a step forward with a knee flexed. Turn your body and put your elbow opposite the outside of the knee bent. Join the palms of your hands together and hold that position for thirty seconds.

6. Seated twist
The seated twist

Stretch your legs and bend the knee, placing it on the outside of the other knee. Place a palm on the floor behind you, with the opposite elbow placed outside the knee bent. Try turning your upper body without twisting your legs.

7. The position of the cat
The pose of the cat

Stand on your hands and knees. Bend your back and lift your chest by pulling your shoulders back and raising your head. Hold this position for several seconds and return to the initial pose. The next move is to tuck your chin into your chest and make the big back.

8. The position of the child 
 The position of the child

Put yourself on your hands and knees, then touch your lower back with your heels, hands resting against the ground in front of you. Hold this position for thirty seconds, then relax and repeat the steps.