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A Nanny Is Secretly Filmed With A Little Girl - And The Truth Is Horrible

A Nanny Is Secretly Filmed With A Little Girl - And The Truth Is Horrible

A Nanny Is Secretly Filmed With A Little Girl - And The Truth Is Horrible

When parents work, it is sometimes difficult to adapt their schedules to those of the children. This is why help from the family, a nanny or enrollment in a nursery are the best ways to have your children cared for.

But we must remain extremely vigilant about who will be responsible for our children. This is what this mother of a family discovered after having secretly filmed her nanny!

The terrible story of the Lablanc family:
A nanny is secretly filmed with a little girl

Desiree Lablanc, a mom living in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, is looking for a nanny to keep her three young children in order to continue working as a child protection worker.

On the recommendation of a close friend, she engages Cristina Williamson, a young woman of 28 years. This friend assures her that she will be up to par and take care of her offspring.

The nanny, very involved in her job, takes care of storing the house and regularly sends pictures of her and children to Desiree to show her that everything is going well. And if it turns out that the girl has a scratch, she tells her how it happened with other pictures.
With such signs of attention and prevention, Desiree can not imagine for a second that something horrible can happen.

But one day she gets a call from her supervisor asking her to get her daughter to the daycare, without asking questions or talking about Cristina because an incident had just happened.

Her husband of the time had expressed some doubts about the behavior of the maternal assistant since his elder had given her alarming information about what was happening at home.

He had installed cameras in every room of the house in order to secretly film the nanny.

You can see in the video below that Cristina hits and assaults Desiree's children, while they are calm, or just sleeping, or behaving like normal children. She twists her arms, catches them violently and carries them dangerously. The nanny goes so far as to stifle their screams with a cloth or stick their heads on the floor for long minutes.

Criminal proceedings have begun because Desiree and her ex-husband were not the only parents whose children had suffered Cristina's assaults.
The judge having looked at the pictures, found it shocking because he also has children. The nanny apologized and pleaded guilty to only two of the charges that fall to her. Her defense was based on the mental disorders she suffered. Currently, she is serving 5 years in prison.

Desiree finally left her job, not feeling up to the task of protecting other children when she could not do it for her own.

Fortunately, all the children that Cristina has mistreated are healthy and have no physical or mental sequelae.

So to avoid this kind of extreme situations, here are some tips for choosing a nanny!

How to choose a nanny?

Go through an agency or an association

Involve early childhood professionals as an agency or association that trains nannies. So you will be reassured about the skills of the maternal assistant but you will also have contact with her superiors in case of dispute.

Two interviews

In order to make sure that your family and your nanny have a good understanding, have two interviews with the future nanny. The first appointment will be between you and the candidate, then the second between the candidate and the children.

Examine the behavior

Do not hesitate to take a close look at his behavior, personality, hygiene, speech, punctuality ... Even if it may seem excessive, do not rely on the first impression but on the small details before making a final choice .

Test the knowledge
When it comes to safety, it is imperative to ask your future nanny if she knows the first aid measures and the reactions to be had in the event of an accident. Test its reactivity and adaptability by putting it in a situation. Also ask her if she has experienced any difficult situations and what her solutions are.

Meet all candidates
Although you have a particular profile that suits you, be sure to meet other candidates before making a final choice. Indeed, it does not engage in anything and it is possible that you come across an even better nanny. Also consider doing tests on an afternoon to assess the relationship between the child and the nanny, which will help you in your final choice.

Find out about past experiences

Finally, find out about her previous experiences. You can even ask for a recommendation from the old families or contact them directly for their opinions. Also ask the candidate, the age of the children she has kept in the past, her feelings and the activities she did with them to entertain and awaken them.