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Bad News For Those Who Shave Pubic Hair

Bad News For Those Who Shave Pubic Hair

Bad News For Those Who Shave Pubic Hair

Considered the greatest enemy of women, the hair grows differently according to the method of depilation chosen. Between depilatory cream, wax, epilator and razor, each woman uses the method and the product that suits her. But do you know ladies that the hair removal and especially the pubic hair is very dangerous for health? Here are 7 good reasons that will prevent you from epilating your pubic hair.

Hair removal is now the source of many controversies, which is why several women are lost in the act of waxing or not depilating. Some people claim that hair protects them from diseases but others prefer to wax hair for aesthetic reasons. Read this article to understand.

Here are 7 good reasons not to depilate pubic hair:

The pubic hair appear in the puberty period and contrary to beliefs they are responsible for the accumulation of bacteria. On the contrary, these hairs play a very important role in the protection of the intimate part.

1 - Pubic hair retains pheromones:

Pheromones are chemicals secreted in areas of hairiness, such as the pubis, vulva and armpits. They are secreted by the sweat glands. These substances play an important role in increasing desire. The pubic hair retains these pheromones and thus increase your excitement and your attraction.

2 - The hairs regulate the temperature of the body:
The pubic hair serves to maintain the right temperature in the intimate zone. In case of low temperature, they can keep the heat and eliminate sweat at high temperatures. In addition, the heat of private parts, the lips and the vulva act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from penetrating.

3 - Hair protects you from transmitted diseases:
The pubic hair is very important in protecting the genitals against infections. Regular and complete epilation of these parts can allow easy access to bacteria. In addition, according to a study of 7,580 participants, people who shave or pluck pubic hair at least twice a year, as well as people who prune pubic hair daily or once a week, Are four times more likely to contract a transmitted disease than those who do not depilate hair in this area.

4 - Hair protects your skin:
To protect your skin from irritation and inflammation, keep your hair. Hair removal and shaving of pubic hair inflamed and irritated the hair follicles and caused open wounds on the skin. Regular hair removal also causes painful burns and ingrown hairs that can turn into sebaceous cyst.

5 - Waxing causes you to waste time:

According to one study, women spend an average of more than 2 months (72 days) of their lives depilating. So why not keep his hair and win this lost time?

6 - Hair restricts the appearance of abscesses:
Depilation of pubic hair can cause abscesses and folliculitis on the intimate area. Folliculitis is superficial inflammation that occurs after hair removal.

7 - Hair removal causes Molluscum Contagiosum:

According to a recent study, pubic hair removal is associated with an increased risk of transmission of Molluscum Contagiosum, a skin infection that causes pimples or boils. 93% of people who suffered from Molluscum Contagiosum had hairless pubic hair, resulting from shaving or waxing. Ten of them had at least one other skin problem, such as warts or a bacterial infection.