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Massage This Part Of Your Body And You Will Poop Immediately!

Massage This Part Of Your Body And You Will Poop Immediately!

Massage This Part Of Your Body And You Will Poop Immediately

We all know that our passage to the saddle is essential for our general well-being, because it allows us to evacuate the poisons from our body. However, it sometimes happens that a constipation problem will prevent this evacuation and thus disrupt the balance of our body. To remedy this, some people resort to various methods such as stool, fibers, detoxification, etc. But with little result. To help you get to the saddle more easily, discover this new trick of massaging a part of your body!

The constipation

It is usually referred to as constipation when a person goes to bowel movement less than three times a week for at least several months in a row. Often accompanied by flatulence and bloating, this phenomenon can be caused by various factors, the main ones being:

- Poor nutrition: insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces fiber intake, essential elements for better digestion and a more fluid intestinal transit,

- Insufficient hydration: due to the decrease of the water level in the body, the stools harden in the intestines which makes their passage towards the rectum more difficult and hinders their evacuation

- A sedentary lifestyle: lack of physical activity slows the blood circulation and consequently the arrival of oxygen to the various organs and body tissues, including the intestines. These are therefore less effective and do not allow a correct evacuation of the stools

- Muscular dysfunction: affecting the muscles of the backside and the perineum, involuntary or uncontrolled contraction can impede the evacuation of the stool.

But sometimes the onset of constipation may be due to more serious causes such as some inflammatory diseases or the development of a digestive tumor. It is therefore strongly recommended to consult an emergency doctor if you are bleeding during defecation or have lost weight for no apparent reason.

How to cure constipation?

To overcome this troublesome and often painful digestive problem, it is advisable to adopt new healthier lifestyle habits, starting with a diet rich in fiber and natural foods, consumption of at least 1.5 liters of water, Water per day and regular physical activity, preferably in the open air.

To give a boost to your intestinal transit, here is a simple and very effective trick to adopt.

The massage of the perineum against constipation:

Have you ever noticed the tip between your intimate part and your behind? It's the perineum. According to a study published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine, a massage of this specific point of your anatomy will help you to treat your constipation problem. By allowing to relax the contracted muscles of the rectum, it helps to facilitate the passage of the stool and therefore their evacuation.

This study was conducted on 100 people separated into two groups. The first received standard treatment based on fiber intake and laxative intake, while the second adopted the perineal massage. After 3 weeks, the second group showed a clear improvement compared to the first group, and 82% of participants said that the procedure was not unpleasant and that they would not hesitate to do it again if necessary.

According to researchers, this method is also beneficial and safe for pregnant women who often suffer from constipation during pregnancy.