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15 Fat Burning Foods To Eat Without Moderation

15 Fat Burning Foods To Eat Without Moderation

Fat Burning Foods

Some foods promote weight loss and help fight snacking. The best way to avoid getting fat is to consume products containing a lot of water, high in fiber and very low in calories. The goal is to feel full to avoid nibbling.

We have established for you a list of foods that you can eat without apprehending the extra kilos. This, provided of course to favor a food adapted, well balanced and diversified.

Cruciferous vegetables

The consumption of cabbage guarantees a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. These foods can be eaten in large quantities because they are low in calories. Broccoli, in particular, is very low in calories; 100g of broccoli brings 34 calories only. It is also very rich in dietary fiber, substances that increase satiety.

Red fruits

Low caloric, red fruits are excellent as part of a weight loss diet. In addition to being rich in dietary fiber, these fruits are also low in sugar and contain practically no fat.

Strawberries and cranberries, in particular, are the lowest in sugar. Cherries, on the other hand, can contain up to 16g of sugar / 100g. They are therefore to be consumed in moderation.

The lettuce

Made up of more than 90% water, lettuce in all its varieties is very low in calories (20 kcal / 100 g). This green leafy vegetable is low in sugar and high in dietary fiber, which increases satiety.


Bringing just 50 calories / 100 g, the plum is ideal for losing weight. This fruit contains more than 80% water and is rich in nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body. Plums are also very effective in improving intestinal transit and are perfect to take in snacks.


The pineapple brings some 50 kcal / 100g, so it is low in calories. It does not contain lipids or proteins, but it is rich in dietary fiber, which has the effect of calming appetite and avoiding nibbling.

Pineapple also has anti-cellulite and diuretic properties thanks to the bromelain it contains.


Although they are sullied by many, eggs are foods to be imperatively included in his diet. They are certainly caloric (155 kcal / 100g), but are very rich in proteins of high biological quality, which increase satiety. They are therefore very filling and prevent cravings.

Eggs are one of the best foods for breakfast!


In addition to having a low caloric intake (40 kcal / 90 g of boiled beet), beetroot contains high levels of dietary fiber with strong satiating power. However, beets are rich in carbohydrates compared to other vegetables.

The cucumber

Made up of more than 90% water, cucumber is one of the least caloric foods. It is also a very good diuretic and detoxifier, which cleans the body and helps eliminate toxins, which promote the accumulation of fat.

The courgette

Zucchini can be consumed without moderation due to its low calorie intake (17 calories / 100 grams). Rich in vitamin A and C, it can speed up the metabolism thus boosting fat burning.

The seaweeds

Algae have a powerful antioxidant power and thus fight against the harmful effects of free radicals. These ingredients are also perfect for losing weight because they are high in dietary fiber and are very filling.
Algae are also known for their ability to reduce the absorption of lipids, including cholesterol, in the body.

The watermelon

Thanks to its exceptional nutritional composition, watermelon is a fruit that should be included in its diet. It is low in calories (30 calories / 100 g).

Composed mainly of water, it has a diuretic effect which, combined with a healthy diet, can lead to weight loss.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are the best allies of people wanting to get rid of their ruffles. Regular consumption allows you to get a good dose of vitamin C that boosts metabolism, flavonoids that fight free radicals and fibers that increase satiety.

Fruits such as grapefruit, orange or lemon can also help to lower cholesterol levels and improve digestion.


Eggplant is full of slimming virtues. Rich in water and fiber and low in calories, it is a very effective food to lose weight. Eggplant also contains saponin that reduces fat absorption.


It is a fat-burning food par excellence, rich in fiber and water (nearly 90%). You should choose it fresh in order to preserve most of its antioxidant qualities.
This ingredient also helps fight against water retention and cellulite, thanks to its diuretic effect, but also to facilitate transit because high fiber.

The Popcorn

Provided that it is not prepared with butter, that it is not too salty, or sweet, popcorn can make an excellent snack to consume as part of a slimming diet. The popcorn is indeed rich in fiber and low in calories, making it a slimming ally of size.