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7 Habits To Keep You Young Forever

7 Habits To Keep You Young Forever

7 Changes To Make To Stay Young

Even if you do not believe it, sleeping well and having good friends are two basic pillars to stay young despite the passing of time.

Winning in youth is more than an art: it is also the will to take better care of oneself, from inside as well as from outside.

Besides cosmetic surgery creams and treatments, there are a series of simple and economical keys available to everyone.

It is also important to know that accepting one's age is fundamental to enjoying a good quality of life.

But this is not incompatible with these tricks that better confront the passage of time.

Because, there are indeed very simple habits, such as the simple fact of drinking more water, which moisturizes the skin better, to fight against the dryness and to renew the cells.

We are sure that these simple tips will help you a lot in your daily life. Take note !

1. Straightening iron and hair dryer: they steal their youthful hair!

Straightening irons and hair dryers at very high temperatures damage the hair, age it, weaken it and give it an extinguished tone.

What do you think about putting them aside at least 3 days a week? This can be difficult, especially for women, as they are part of the beauty rituals for smoothed or wavy hair.

But remember that your hair needs to breathe, and that this kind of electric appliances, almost always hot, take away from them beauty and youth.

2. Use sunscreen every day

We always remember the existence of sunscreen in summer. Yet, dermatologists claim that it is not only necessary to fight skin cancer.

It also helps us to fight against premature aging.

It does not matter whether it's cloudy, whether it's winter or rain. Sunscreen should be a basic in the daily rituals of beauty and health.

So, do not hesitate, apply it to the daily. If you are a woman, know that many makeup bases already contain a sunscreen.

3. Half an hour of exercises a day: the key to health and beauty

If you want to win in youth, take care of your body. If you want to gain well-being, do sports. If you want to feel better in front of your mirror, do half an hour of exercises every day, at least.

All you need is a simple activity, with an aerobic program that starts your blood circulation, which forces your heart to pump harder and get a good supply of oxygen, endorphins and serotonin.

You will be able to note it on your mood and on your skin. Regular and moderate sport is a sensational way to be always in shape and fight against the marks of the passage of time.

4. Say yes to the rejuvenation of your cells!

Guess what is the most effective way to renew your cells, cleanse your body and stay hydrated? You guessed it: drink water!

Do not force yourself to drink 0.26 Gallon each day because each person has his or her own needs.

The best thing to do is to be constant and take a sip every half hour. It is very simple and it makes a great crazy, because there is no such thing as to be well hydrated, so that internal homeostasis works as it should be.

5. Hands and Neck: the great forgotten

To preserve his youth, it is not enough to take care of his face, avoid taking weight, fight against flaccidity or wrinkles ...

There are two parts of the body on which the marks of time are seen: the hands and the neck.

What do you do to take care of it? What are the daily programs you have put in place?

For example, be careful to keep the skin of your neck and hands perfectly hydrated.

For this, use specific creams for these areas twice a day, one in the morning and another in the evening.

6. Positive relationships? Yes please

Having hundreds of friends will not make you win in youth. But having good-ne-s-friends, even if they are few, has an impact on well-being, motivation and the desire to do things.

Having a partner who is very intimate, who is also a friend, a lover, a partner of laughter, accompanying good and bad times, someone with whom to learn and grow, does us good and makes us We feel younger.

On the other hand, few things are healthier for the mind and heart than cherishing a friend.

7. Sleep much and well

No, it's not stupidity. Sleeping well is an essential need for our body, our brain and our mind.

It is at night, when we are plunged into a deep sleep that the body carries out important detoxification tasks.

Similarly, the brain also purifies these dead cells, renovates tissues, assimilates memories, re-organizes aspects, creates new connections.

All this makes it possible to remain physically and mentally fit. So, do not hesitate any more: nothing and nobody should prevent you from enjoying 8 hours of daily sleep.