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A Russian Doctor Says Your Immune System Can Be Restored In 15 Seconds! Here's How

The immune system is the main protection of the body against infections and diseases, once this system is weakened our body becomes mor...

 Immune System Can Be Restored

The immune system is the main protection of the body against infections and diseases, once this system is weakened our body becomes more vulnerable. Good news ! There are methods to restore our immune system, one of these methods is that presented by a Russian physiotherapist.

How does our body defend itself?

Several organs contribute to the immunity of our bodies among them include spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes and tonsils.

The spleen: organ located to the left of the stomach. Its role is to store lymphocytes and monocytes, cells essential for the protection of the organism. Indeed, in case of infection millions of these cells will be released by the spleen which will ensure resistance and protection of the body against pathogens.

Bone marrow: just like the spleen, the bone marrow is not only a reserve of cells, but also a plant for the manufacture of blood cells, the protective white blood cells par excellence of the infections that the body is confronted with during its lifetime.

Lymph nodes: Constitute microenvironments where interactions and reactions of immunity occur. In other words, the place where confrontations arise related to the reactions of defenses against foreign bodies such as bacteria or even viruses.

The tonsils: their sites are strategic, they are located at the entrance of the respiratory system, they fight against viruses and infections and can themselves be infected. Thus in the majority of cases they manufacture antibodies to prevent future infections. Only recent studies show that from the age of 3 years the tonsils are not indispensable to immunity, otherwise their resection in some cases would have negative consequences on health, which is not the case.

This being said, the body is well equipped to protect itself against possible infections, and when these natural barriers are no longer sufficient, external elements can intervene. These elements can be in the form of medicines, cures or even quite natural remedies, even surprising ones, such as ice water.

Russian Physiotherapist's Method:

Specialized in basic Chinese medicine, this physiotherapist is interested in the immune system. Given that in Scandinavian culture immersing in ice water is synonymous with immune boosting. Science has said that frozen water stimulates the production of antioxidants, including glutathione. The virtues of water at very low temperatures are innumerable whether it is aesthetic or curative.

Use of chilled water:

Here is a method that will boost your immune system in no time and with very few resources. The method involves soaking feet in ice water for 10 to 15 seconds, once a day. This would also prevent flu and colds.

To do this, simply fill a basin of frozen water or cold water with ice cubes and immerse your feet for about fifteen seconds. Well dry your feet and wear socks.
This method is also very effective and recommended when sick, its ability to boost immunity speeds up the healing process.

Other benefits of chilled water:

Besides the method mentioned above, ice water has more than one string to its bow. Moreover, it is known to tone the skin, to restore shine to the hair and to keep their scales closed. In addition, very cold water helps fight stress and stimulates the loss of calories. It is certain that a good hot bath is always what one wants, but our body, it is more demanding of cold water.