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Bad News For Those Who Turn On The Air Conditioning In The Car

Bad News For Those Who Turn On The Air Conditioning In The Car

Bad News For Those Who Turn On The Air Conditioning In The Car

To cope with the hot summer heat, we almost all use air conditioning in our car, but do you know that every time we turn on the air conditioning, we put our health at risk?

Headaches, allergies, runny nose, respiratory infections, mushrooms, sore throat, etc. All these inconveniences can be caused by poor use of air conditioning. Here is an explanation for this phenomenon.

Air conditioning systems are everywhere, they are found at work, at home, in the car, in cafes and restaurants and many other places. During the summer and with intense heat, air conditioning becomes essential for some people, but it must be taken with caution. Discover the dangers of misuse of air conditioning on your health.

What are the dangers of air conditioning?

Exposure to benzene:

Generally, when we leave our car, we always close all the windows and in this case the car accumulates between 400 and 800 mg of benzene. But when we leave our cars in the sun, in temperatures above 16 ° C, the benzene level can reach 2000-4000 mg, which is 40 times more than the permitted level and this can expose our health to Many dangers.

If you stay in a closed car and have been exposed to the sun, you can inhale benzene, which is a very hazardous substance to the health of the kidneys, liver and bones. In addition, our body is unable to eliminate and get rid of this substance quickly. You may have read all the manuals and operating manuals of cars, a chapter that recommends to open the windows before turning on the air conditioning but without any explanation. Here is a medical explanation for the phenomenon.

Several studies and research have shown that an air conditioning system, before it begins to cool the air, expels all heated air including benzene, which can be responsible for cancer. It is for this reason that you must open the windows of the car for a few minutes in order to properly ventilate it and then you can turn on the air conditioning. Practice this habit when you are driving to protect your body from toxins that can be very dangerous to your health.

The thermal shock:

To avoid thermal shock in the car, it is recommended to set the air conditioning temperature to about 4 ° C lower than the outside temperature. For example, if it is 30 ° C outside, set your air conditioner at 26 ° C in the car. Same for your home air conditioning system, the difference between outdoor and indoor temperature should not exceed 7 ° C, because there is more space than in a car.

Our body is very sensitive to these temperature differences, which can cause eye irritation, especially in people who wear lenses, and can also expose our bodies to various viruses favored by the drying of the air.

Unhealthy Building Syndrome:

Otherwise called sick building syndrome, the syndrome of unhealthy buildings is a very diverse set of symptoms; Respiratory, eye, skin, sensory, neuropsychic, irritation problems that can occur when a person is exposed to factors such as air conditioning and heat shock. These symptoms disappear as soon as the person leaves the place in question.

To avoid these inconveniences, it is important to maintain air conditioning once a year at least. Provision should be made for maintenance and disinfection of the system by professionals, and regular checking of the absence of stagnant water. Also pay attention to the temperature setting, if you have a baby on board. Be careful not to start the air conditioning as soon as you start, and especially to open the windows of your vehicle before turning it on.