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Cancer Dies When You Consume These 5 Foods, It's Time To Start Eating Them

Cancer is a disease older than 3000 years old, it goes back to antiquity. The origin of the word cancer comes from Latin which means c...

Cancer Dies When You Consume These 5 Foods,

Cancer is a disease older than 3000 years old, it goes back to antiquity. The origin of the word cancer comes from Latin which means crab related to the shape of the tumors. This comparison was made by Hippocrates, and then Galen repeated it, adding that the veins spread over this unnatural tumor present a shape similar to that of a crab.

Indeed, cancer is a disease illustrated by the presence of one or more malignant tumors formed from the conversion of a healthy cell result in diverse genetic mutations or instabilities.

The most frequent cancers are the prostate, breast, colon-rectum and lung cancer. It is therefore essential to make prevention against this devastating disease and to find natural treatments that allow the body to regain optimal health. So discover foods that fight cancer!

Anti-cancer Foods

1 - The mixture of blueberries and raspberries

Recognized for their anti-cancer effects, blueberries and raspberries are particularly recommended in the treatment of ovarian cancer. The phytochemicals they contain give them this dark hue and are excellent in preventing cancer. In addition, the mixture of blueberries and raspberries reduces oxidative stress and angiogenesis, which plays a role in the formation of metastases and the development of cancer.

2 - Coffee and green tea
Being the most consumed drinks in the world, coffee and green tea reduce the risk of developing cancer. The anti-cancer agent contained in green tea comes from catechins. These are flavonoids which have the particularity of being able to attack the processes of the cancer cells and thus to reduce their development. Coffee, meanwhile, would significantly reduce the cancer recurrence rate and could help in his recovery a US study from the Institute Dana-Farber Cancer in Boston.

3 - The tomato

According to a Harvard research, men using tomato reduce their risk of prostate cancer by between 45 and 50%.

In fact, tomatoes are effective in inhibiting angiogenesis because they contain high amounts of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that benefits the organization as slowing the aging and the fight against certain cancers and coronary.

4 - The dark chocolate

Recommended as part of a weight loss and depression, dark chocolate helps to regulate the nervous system thanks to its content of theobromine and magnesium. Moreover, it fight against cancer, coronary heart disease, the risk of stroke and cognitive decline due to its richness in antioxidants such as catechin, epicatechin and flavonoids.

5 - The turmeric

Having various virtues for general health, curcumin contained in turmeric helps fight cancer. Indeed, this spice inhibits proliferation of cancer cells, helps the body destroy and prevent the spread of mutant cells and prevents the development of blood vessels feeding the tumor. In addition, turmeric reduces inflammation and prevents the transformation of healthy cells into malignant cells. It is therefore recommended in the prevention and treatment of cancer.