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Cardiologists Recommend This 5-Day Diet: A Safe Way To Lose 3 Pounds

Cardiologists Recommend This 5-Day Diet: A Safe Way To Lose 3 Pounds

Cardiologists Recommend This 5-day Diet

Overweight and obesity are mainly due to an imbalance between calories consumed and those consumed. In recent times, there has been a greater consumption of caloric foods that are generally fatty and sweet, but also low in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients for the body. This diet combined with decreased physical activity leads to overweight and obesity. That's why cardiologists offer a diet in order to lose the superfluous pounds without danger!

But this is not all because other factors cause this imbalance between consumed and consumed calories like genetic, nutritional and psychological factors.

The hereditary field leads to the transmission of genetic abnormalities. These effects on the body are: decreased energy expenditure at rest and during physical exertion, decreased energy expenditure after meals and a peculiarity in the distribution of adipose tissue and fat mass.

Feeding behavior, in turn, causes weight gain, especially when psychological factors come into play. A person experiencing an emotional state of stress or anxiety will tend to take shelter in food and consume more food, Calorie, fatty and sugary foods. This leads to overweight and obesity.

Associated with insufficient daily energy expenditure, whether by a lack of physical activity or a significant inactivity due to screens and technology, the weight gain will be consistent.

However, this surplus of fat within the body generates on the one hand an aesthetic complex but on the other hand the serious health risks involved in decreasing the quality of life.

People with overweight and obesity increase their risk of suffering from:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Coronary or angina pectoris
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Cerebral vascular accident (stroke)

In addition, they suffer more frequently from:

Type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Calculations in the gall bladder
  • Osteoarthritis of the hips and knees
  • Low back pain

It is therefore essential to change one's lifestyle and begin weight loss in order to avoid all these ailments. To help you in this process, discover a 5-day dietary program recommended by cardiologists!

5-Day Diet Program

Day 1 :
At lunch, eat an orange, a yoghurt and an egg cooked according to your preference and without fat.

At dinner, eat 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of toasted bread, half a cucumber or a small bowl of salad and 2 tomatoes.

Day 2:
For lunch, it will be an orange, a yogurt and a hard boiled egg.

For dinner, eat 125 grams of white meat, an orange, a slice of whole toasted bread and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

Day 3:
For lunch, eat a cucumber, an orange and a hard boiled egg.

For dinner, consume 125 grams of red meat, an orange, a toast of whole toasted bread and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

Day 4:
For lunch, eat a toast of toasted bread, an orange and 125 grams of cottage cheese.

For dinner, plan the same meal as day 3. You can replace the red meat with 70 grams of cooked lentils if you wish.

Day 5:
For lunch, eat a toast of toasted bread, 200 grams of steamed fish and a tomato.

For dinner, consume 225 grams of cooked carrots, potatoes and split peas.

Regarding breakfast, it is the same every day and contains a piece of your favorite fruit (except bananas and grapes), a portion of blackberries and blueberries to provide antioxidants to your body, a full bread toast Grilled cheese and white cheese.

Proceed to this diet for five days and then spend two days without diet, avoiding significant deviations (fatty and sugary foods). Then restart the cycle for three weeks once or twice a year.

During this regime:
  • Avoid the use of salt and favor spices and herbs
  • Hydrate yourself throughout the day by drinking at least 2 l of water
  • The consumption of sodas and alcohol is strictly forbidden
  • Practice regular physical activity (30 minutes minimum per day)
  • Prefer organic foods and fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.