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Girls Having This Type Of Mother Do Better In Life

Girls Having This Type Of Mother Do Better In Life

Girls With This Type Of Mother Do Better In Life

Pretty complex and sometimes intense, the mother-daughter relationship can easily oscillate between absolute love and feeling of contempt. Perceiving her daughter as her own reflection, a mother often finds herself obliged to protect her and direct her to attain which she herself has not been able to attain. The girl on her side wants to live her life as she sees fit and sometimes refuses to comply with the rules! This is why some mothers are perceived as too harsh, but this is good news!

In early adolescence, the mother no longer has to deal with a child but with a woman who is not yet an adult. As a protective mother, she tries by all means to protect her daughter from various problems of life such as love disappointments, risks of pregnancy or transmitted diseases.

Between the prohibitions of exit and the reproaches by contribution to the attire, the war is quickly declared. We have, on the one hand, a donor of lessons and, on the other hand, a girl who refuses to receive them, feeling humiliated by the excess of authority of her mother. Some may even go so far as to regard their authoritarian mother as their enemy, and want to free themselves from their hold.

A severe mother, we all want it!

To all those whose mothers kept repeating to them the same sentence: "one day you will thank me," your mother was right. It is in any case the conclusion of a scientific study carried out by English researchers, which demonstrated that the daughters of mothers judged to be unbearable are generally more successful in life than others.

Between 2004 and 2010, researchers from the University of Esse-x, England conducted a study to compare different types of education and their impact on children. Thus, during these six years, they followed the development of a group of young girls, aged between 13 and 14 at the beginning of the study.

The results showed that girls with severe and too strict mothers were more likely to go on to higher education and succeed in their professional lives, compared to those with less demanding mothers. In addition, statistically, there was also less risk for them to accidentally become pregnant during their teenage years.

That said, choices made by children and adults are often influenced by their parents' expectations and by the mother's education.

Strict education teaches the child at an early age to be responsible for correcting mistakes and assuming the consequences of his actions. So, if you have experienced this experience, you must be infinitely grateful to your mum for all she has done for you. Thanks to her, you have gained enough strength, independence and confidence to succeed.

Despite the number of difficulties and conflicts that mark this period of life, there is a day when the teenager of the past realizes the immense sacrifice of her sweet mother who has done her best to carry her to good harbor.