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Here Is A 3 Day Detox Diet To Completely Cleanse Your Body Of Sugar. It Will Help You Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

We all love sweets and high-sugar foods and we consume them at the first opportunity, but we forget that these little pleasures can ha...

Detox Diet To Completely Cleanse Your Body

We all love sweets and high-sugar foods and we consume them at the first opportunity, but we forget that these little pleasures can have adverse effects on our health.

When we consume sugar in large quantities, our body recovers the amount it needs and stores the rest in the form of fats. This accumulation of fat can cause many diseases, such as obesity, liver diseases, diabetes and hypertension. Here is a diet that will help you calm your sweet cravings, cleanse your body, lose weight and improve your health in just 3 days.

By consuming large quantities of refined and added sugar, we supply our bodies with nutrients, some of which is converted into the energy needed for proper functioning of the body and the other part is stored and transformed into fat that becomes visible, especially at the level Waist, hips and thighs. Moreover, when this sugar reaches the intestine, the body reacts by increasing the level of sugar in the blood and treating it like an intestinal bacterium, which increases the level of sugar in the blood.

How to avoid sugar and fat accumulation?

A healthy and balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are the guarantees of good health. It is not so easy to say NO to sugar and to stop the consumption of these sweet little pleasures, but it is always possible. At first, you may experience headaches, sadness, fatigue and sugar cravings, which is common when weaning from any addiction. For this reason, start by eliminating and gradually reducing your sugar intake.

To achieve this, it is necessary to detoxify your body and we offer you today a 3 day detox cure to decrease your sugar intake and clean your body.

3 Day Diet To Detoxify Your Body And Lose Weight

First day 

Breakfast :
- 1 cup of oats mixed with almonds, blueberries and seeds, or three hard or scrambled eggs.

- A handful of nuts

Lunch : 
- Chicken breast with grilled vegetables such as musk squash, carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, beans and a handful of almonds.

- Grilled fish with a bowl of green beans or salmon with broccoli and fresh mushrooms.

Second day 

Breakfast :
- 1 cup of oats mixed with blueberries, seeds and almonds, or 3 scrambled eggs with spinach.

- A handful of nuts.

Lunch :
- Zucchini and roasted red and yellow peppers seasoned with lemon and thyme, or a salad consisting of green and red cabbage and carrots grated and seasoned with a filet of lemon juice, olive oil, A pinch of salt and chopped parsley.

- Steamed green vegetables, a few vegetables in a casserole and a soup of beans, or baked cod with sautéed Chinese cabbage (Bok Choy), roasted or sautéed Brussels sprouts and turnips.

Third day 

Breakfast :
- 1 cup of oats mixed with blueberries, almonds and seeds, an omelette in olive oil and shrimp, a salad of cabbage, radishes and walnuts.

- A handful of nuts

Lunch : :
- 1 chicken leg roasted with rosemary, lemon and sage, or roast chicken with onions, black olives and thyme.

The dinner:
- Mushrooms with garlic broth, onions, carrots, celery, thyme and bay leaf, or brown rice with mushrooms, basil and tomato sauce with meat.

Here are anti-sugar detox drinks

Instead of consuming sugary drinks, opt for these detox drinks and hot drinks to boost metabolism and purify the body:

Detox water: Prepare your own detox water from one of the following foods, which you cut in pieces: grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, then add fresh rosemary or mint. Then mix everything in a water bottle. Store in the refrigerator and consume daily. This mixture will help cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and fats.

Tea: Consume herbal teas or green tea without sugar 3 times a day. Its diuretic effect will eliminate fat and prevent water retention.