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Do You Have A Ring Stuck On Your Finger? With This Trick Of The Doctor, No Need To Worry!

Do You Have A Ring Stuck On Your Finger? With This Trick Of The Doctor, No Need To Worry!

Remove A Ring From A Swollen Finger

It sometimes happens that you can end up with a complementary wedding ring on a swollen finger. We try all possible tricks in vain. Fortunately, there is a solution as simple as effective. Find out in this article.

Anyone who has experienced this, knows that it is a real calvary to succeed in removing a ring stuck on a finger.

Fingers bearing rings may, for one reason or another, swell. The ring then becomes much too tight, difficult to remove and can cause pain. Just use a little soap or put your hand in cold water, and the trick is played. But sometimes these tricks are not effective and the subject is obliged to go to the emergency room to cut the ring and be able to remove it safely.

If you find yourself in this situation, no precipitation. Do not go directly for help because there is a simple solution to remove the ring easily and without damage. A British doctor called Dr. Simon Carley found a very convenient method to quickly remove the wedged ring. The principle is quite simple: bandage the finger with an elastic in order to compress the tissues.

How to do it ?

Just wrap the elastic around the swollen finger and tighten until reaching the ring, then you must pass the end of the elastic under the ring. Then pull on the elastic and unroll it. This one will then quietly carry the ring to the end of the finger. This solution is simple, fast, effective and not painful.

Discover more detail in this video, where Dr. Simon Carley and his colleagues clearly explain how to rid a swollen finger of a ring with a simple elastic.

Another means for removing a wedged ring

In addition to the soap trick, rather classic, you can also resort to cold water to solve this problem. This involves putting your hand in unfrozen water and letting it soak for a few minutes. This method is very effective and easy to apply but requires a little patience.

It will primarily serve to deflate the finger. Subsequently, you can apply a lubricant over the entire finger, to remove the ring. In case of failure, it is necessary not to panic because the operation may require several attempts. After removing the ring, do not forget to clean the part where it was and to treat it if necessary.

The pressure of a ring on the finger can be dangerous

This is the conclusion made by two surgeons at the Sheffield Teaching Hospital, following a study explaining how to remove a titanium alloy.

The two doctors emphasize that the risks of ring pressure on the finger should be taken seriously. This could cause necrosis of the skin and even result in amputation. Why ? According to them, the titanium rings are much more resistant and require a risky technique to remove them in case of pressure of the ring.