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Pregnant Woman Vomits Blood And Has Miscarriage – Then Her Doctor Reveals The Unbelievable

Pregnant Woman Vomits Blood And Has Miscarriage – Then Her Doctor Reveals The Unbelievable

The drama, the trial, the catastrophe are moments in a life that we all go through. Even if some will prefer to overcome them and then resume the course of their lives where they stopped, they must be faced and learned. Through chaos, we can discover the hidden face of life, our own courage and the true bond that unites us to our surroundings.

Dealing with the vagaries of life and discovering their usefulness requires psychic flexibility. One must be able to make the necessary changes and transformations that involve the trials of life to rebuild after the memory of a trauma as this young woman had to do because of complications during her pregnancy. Discover her tragic story and what she did ...

The tragic story of this pregnant woman

Loan Woll and her husband Ben discover that they will become parents. The arrival of the baby is scheduled for February 24, 2017 and the future parents have only one hurry, that of meeting their newborn.

Towards the nineteenth week of pregnancy, Loan shares a blood test. The test indicates that she suffers from iron deficiency so doctors prescribe supplements to compensate for this lack. Everything goes well until the day when Loan feels bad and vomits blood. Ben immediately calls the emergency services and the couple goes to the hospital.

Loan's hemoglobin is as low as a person who has just been stabbed. Doctors do a blood transfusion to the future mother and check the pulse of the child. Unfortunately, the baby's heart no longer beats ...

The next day, the doctors force the delivery and Loan gives birth to a stillborn son. His name was Finnick Ngoc Woll, stillborn on January 14, 2017.

Loan held her son in her arms for about ten minutes before she could look at him because she thought she would not be attached if she did not look at him. But that's not all…

In addition, to face the loss of her child, Loan receives a sad diagnosis. She suffers from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer that develops from a type of white blood cells and affects them.

Beyond the loss of her baby and her cancer, Loan decides to launch a solidarity project and raise funds through GoFundMe.

Three associations will be helped by funds, one of which supports cancer research, one that supports women with cancer, and one that helps parents who have lost a stillbirth.

In her own tragedy, Loan found the strength to help others.

The GoFundMe fundraising campaign raised more than $ 62,000 and will help both families with cancer and cancer researchers.

Loan offers us a beautiful lesson of humanity and solidarity. It encourages us to reflect on the fact that we feel useful to others and to society in order to feel better about ourselves. We hope that she will conquer cancer and honor her courage, share her story!