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She Thought She Had Twins But The Doctors Showed Her Something That Made Her Cry

She Thought She Had Twins But The Doctors Showed Her Something That Made Her Cry

 incredible story of this future mom

When we create a couple with a loving partner, we decide on various common future projects that allow us to maintain the affective bond over time. Whether it's moving in together or starting a family, these projects each have their own challenges, such as having twins!

Indeed, the arrival of a baby, see several, generates tensions within the couple. Both partners are faced with anxiety-provoking situations due to the hormonal changes of women and the change in their daily lives. This is the case of this couple who had to face a quite special upheaval in their lives, here is their story!

The incredible story of this future mom:

Alexandra and Antonin Kinova, a young couple from the Czech Republic, have already started to found their family and are the happy parents of a little boy.

Wanting to expand the family and offer a brother or sister to their elder, Alexandra becomes pregnant. Parents therefore go to ultrasound to see the development of the fetus when they learn they are not expecting a child but twins. Although they were not prepared for this kind of news, the couple is delighted, until the doctor announces another thing ...

As the consultation proceeds, the doctor discovers a third baby. The couple, somewhat shocked, takes the time to digest this extra information. But it is finally at the second medical appointment that the unthinkable happens! Indeed, the doctor discovers that in total there are five embryos.

Alexandra is therefore the first woman in the Czech Republic to be pregnant with quintuplets, only 23 years old. Her companion and she are very happy of this future big family but they apprehend the arrival of the babies.

It is finally, in spring 2013, that Alexandra gives birth to the caesarean section of the five babies. In order to avoid the slightest complication, she is surrounded by about forty doctors and the director of maternity even made the trip to witness this incredible birth. Antonin, the dad, had to play the race against the clock to arrive in time and began to cry in the train for fear of missing the childbirth of these children.

Unlike multiple pregnancies, usually due to in vitro treatment, this pregnancy is completely natural.

Today, Alexandra and Antonin raise their eldest son and the quintuplets including four boys, Alex, Deniel, Michael, Martin and a daughter, Terezka. They are very happy with their large family!

However, multiple pregnancies, whether natural or by in vitro fertilization, create risks and some precautions are vital. Discover them!

The risks of multiple pregnancy

When announcing the arrival of several babies, beyond the financial aspect and the organization to be reviewed for the future parents, precautions must be taken in order to preserve the health of the mother and the babies. Because a multiple pregnancy creates risks:

For the Mom

The risk of hemorrhage during pregnancy increases considerably, and a caesarean section may be necessary during delivery. This is why careful medical monitoring is mandatory in order to control the growth of the fetus and their position in view of pregnancy. From the 5th month, a bed rest is required as well as a significant work stoppage.

For babies

The more fetuses, the greater the risk of malformation, as does the rate of prematurity. This entails an obligation to place newborns in intensive care from birth for a few weeks. In addition, when twins share the same placenta, one of the major risks is transfuse-transfuse syndrome. This is an imbalance of blood exchange between the twins causing a high probability of in utero mortality for the twin who shows a decrease in his blood pressure.