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If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms, Do Not Ignore Them! They May Indicate A Serious Illness!

If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms, Do Not Ignore Them! They May Indicate A Serious Illness!

Serious Illness

The human body allows, by means of warning signs, to prevent a disease is weakening it. These warning signs, such as pain, allow us to pay particular attention to our health. We see some symptoms and they lead us on the trail of various affections.

Indeed, the symptoms, although there are asymptomatic diseases, are responses to the attack of a virus, a disease, a failure. They may be identical from one disease to another, which is why it is essential to examine them and to initiate further auscultations in order to clarify the cause and source of the pathology to cure it entirely. The frequency and intensity of symptoms varies from person to person depending on the condition.

However, it is necessary to remain vigilant in the face of certain symptoms because each one is master of his health and well-being. So discover 4 symptoms to never ignore and what they can mean!

1- Cracks in the corner of the mouth

The main causes:
Cracks in the corner of the mouth are usually caused by:
  • Stomach disorders including gastric acidity that corrodes the mucous membranes of the lips,
  • Climate change, and in particular a dry cold,
  • Allergies to certain foods,
  • Fungal infections,
  • Poor oral hygiene,
  • Anemia,
  • Nutrient deficiencies (vitamins A, B, folic acid, zinc)
  • An immune system weakened by a disease such as diabetes
  • Lick the corner of the mouth regularly with his tongue.

Be sure to consume more foods rich in vitamin B, iron and zinc such as spinach, kidney beans, flax seeds, peanuts, chickpeas, lentils, fish and meat. Combine foods rich in vitamin C, such as parsley and peppers for example, to improve the absorption of nutrients. Finally, to treat the crack in the corner of your mouth, apply gel of aloe vera. This plant has an antifungal, generating and protective action. It promotes skin healing and moisturizes deeply.

2- Rashes

The main causes:
Whether on the scalp or on another area of the body, rashes are caused by allergies, stress, diet and infections of all kinds. But it is also a sign of a deficiency in biotin, a coenzyme to break down certain substances such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Biotin fortifies hair, nails and improves the overall condition of the skin. In particular, it plays a key role in hormonal systems. This coenzyme is found naturally in foods such as peanuts, almonds, goat's milk, tomatoes, carrots, onions, sesame as well as bananas and avocado. In addition, you should increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. To help relieve scabs, rinse the scalp with water or saline, then apply a spoonful of honey and cover with a sterile compress. Honey has antiseptic properties and promotes wound healing.

3- Hair loss

The main causes:
Hair loss can be caused by thyroid disorders, certain medications, hormonal treatments, childbirth, fungal infections, hereditary ground, hair chemicals, seasonal changes and allergies.

To prevent hair loss and promote regrowth, some natural remedies, to be performed daily, are effective. These include essential oils. Simply mix the essential oil of fenugreek, lavender, ginger and rosemary with sweet almond or castor oil and apply to the scalp by massaging for a long time. Essential oils help nourish, repair, strengthen hair and stimulate their growth.

4- Numbness of hands and feet

The main causes:
Temporary loss of sense as well as feeling numb and tingling in your hands and feet may be a sign of a lack of folic acid and vitamins B6, B9 and B12. Lack of these vitamins also lead to anemia, depression and fatigue.

Eat more spinach, dark chocolate, dry beans, sunflower seeds, buckwheat and protein such as eggs and fish. In addition, you can apply a warm compress to the affected area in order to increase blood circulation and relax muscles and nerves in the area.