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The Frequency At Which You Are Urinating Says A Lot About You

The Frequency At Which You Are Urinating Says A Lot About You

Frequency At Which You Are Urinating Says A Lot About You

Although this is surprising for some, it is possible to discover our state of health thanks to the color, the smell and the number of times we urinate. Urine is an important health indicator that needs to be addressed, as Dr. Neil Grafstein, an assistant professor of urology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, recalls. Indeed, he says that the frequency we go to the toilet says a lot about our health.

It is considered that a healthy person goes between 6 to 8 times a day to pee and once during the night. However, there is not a definite number given that some factors can increase the urge to go to the toilet like a more intense hydration for example. However, we sometimes have a frequent urge to urinate, both annoying and unpleasant. Find out why and what it says on your health!

Frequent urination

Characteristic of difficulty in urine retention, a feeling of urgency and a urge to urinate more than 2 times during the night and more than 8 times during the day, the frequent need to urinate shows that the bladder needs Of emptying itself frequently, without this implying that the bladder is completely filled.

Various causes express this need as an overactive bladder, that is, it contracts too often or in a bad way, an aging bladder, a problem of inflammation or irritation of the tissues, a malfunctioning The urethra, or a blockage of the latter. In addition, diseases such as diabetes, venereal diseases, interstitial cystitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, neurological hyperactivity of the urethra and bladder hypersensitivity are sometimes the cause of a frequent need urinating.

Feeling a frequent urge to get pee affected impacts the quality of life because it leads to a deterioration in sleep quality, reduced the libido, impaired self-esteem, shame and embarrassment, and therefore Withdrawal of social activities. Indeed, people who suffer from this regular need to urinate must make sure they are close to the toilet and are afraid of being unable to restrain themselves and end up with clothes wetted by urine. They are afraid of being embarrassed in public and do not consult because they are not always aware that treatment exists.

However, the common urge to urinate is distinct from urinary incontinence, which is the uncontrollable and unintentional loss of urine during the day or night.

To avoid suffering from this frequent need to urinate, a medical consultation and some changes are necessary like re-educate her bladder by learning to go pee at fixed hours and to restrain during the interval of the hours as well as to limit its consumption of liquids like Coffee, tea and alcohol.

Some interesting facts about urine
  • You can avoid interrupting your sleep by an urge to pee by not drinking any liquids before going to bed
  • Restraining from peeing can become severe if you experience pain as this can damage your kidneys
  • The more you age, the more you pee
  • Remove your bad habit of keeping you from peeing as this increases the risk of bladder infections
  • As you age, your urine flow will become weak
  • The normal color of the urine is transparent yellow
  • The regular flow of pee is about 7 seconds
  • Some foods can change the color of the pee like beet which colored red urine
  • One of the signs of diabetes is the sweet smell of urine
  • Eating asparagus can cause a bad odor of pee
  • The pee contains 95% water
  • The bladder can contain between 250 ml and 300 ml of urine
  • An amber or honey-colored urine reveals a lack of water (it is recommended to consume at least 1.5L of water per day)
  • A brown urine is a sign of dehydration
  • A green or blue urine may be due to food or be a sign of a urinary tract infection
  • The pee has a disinfecting power
  • Urine relieves foot mycoses and eczema

It is recommended to urinate after love making in order to clean the urethra and to evacuate the bacteria

- Urine was used in ancient Rome to wash clothes

- Urine can be used as a natural fertilizer.