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This Awesome Trick Will Transform Your Health Forever!

This Awesome Trick Will Transform Your Health Forever!

This Awesome Trick Will Transform Your Health Forever!

Many cultures and generations have used Epsom salt for millennia for its various health benefits. This salt helps to eliminate toxins from your body, relieve wounds and fatigue, eliminate eczema and nail fungus and correct intestinal irregularity. The Epsom salt is not actually salt, but a pure and natural mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate. Discover in this article the different benefits of the Epsom salt bath.

Regular Epsom salt baths are a powerful remedy for several health problems and it is available in pharmacies, parapharmacies and grocery stores at a very affordable price. Because of its magnesium content, Epsom salt has the ability to reduce inflammation, improve muscle and nerve function and prevent hardening of the arteries. In contrast, sulphates help improve nutrient uptake, eliminate toxins and relieve migraines.

The benefits of Epsom salt baths for health:

The magnesium and sulphate contained in the Epsom salt are easily absorbed through the skin through the pores and help to remove harmful toxins from the body and help build key protein molecules in brain tissue and joints To facilitate the functions of the nerves and muscles. Sulfates also improve blood flow as well as oxygenation throughout the body. Here are the other advantages of Epsom salt:
  • Relieves constipation
  • Reduces stress and fatigue and relaxes the body
  • Relieves muscle pain and cramps
  • Helps prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots
How to prepare and take an Epsom salt bath?

An Epson salt bath lasts about 40 minutes, the first 20 minutes for the skin to absorb the minerals and the last 20 minutes to rid the body of toxins.

Fill your bathtub with water and make sure that this water is filtered to avoid residues of toxic chlorine and other harmful components. Then add the Epsom salt according to the following recommendations:
  • ½ cup salt for children under 27 kg
  • 1 cup of salt for people between 27 to 45 kg
  • 1 ½ cup salt for people between 45 to 70 kg.
  • 2 cups of salt for people between 70 to 90 kg
  • ½ cup more salt for every 22 kg more.
In addition, you can add other ingredients to your bath to improve its odor and properties. Do not hesitate to add half a cup of olive oil to improve the antioxidant properties of bath and ginger which will improve the detoxification process and especially do not use soaps.

Caution :

Pregnant women, people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, those with burns or injuries and dehydrated individuals should consult a physician before using these baths.