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This New Bra Is The Dream Of All Women

This New Bra Is The Dream Of All Women

New Bra Is The Dream Of All Women

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that allows the body to refresh and regulate its temperature. However, it can sometimes become excessive and annoying, especially when accompanied by a strong odor or apparent traces of clothing. Moreover, many women seek the means to avoid sweating under the breasts and thus prevent the appearance of the spots that accompany it. To help them overcome this problem, the Tata Towel bra was born. Focus on this new member of women's lingerie.

In addition to allowing the body to stabilize its temperature, sweating has many benefits on our body. Indeed, it helps purify the body and eliminate waste and toxins. It also takes care of our skin, which it moisturizes and protects from drying out and bacterial proliferation. However, due to certain factors such as intense physical exertion, negative emotions (stress, anxiety, anxiety ...), obesity or certain health problems (hyperthyroidism, diabetes, etc.), it can become excessive and become a real Social handicap.

To regulate it and prevent the appearance of sweat stains on clothing, there are solutions that some people adopt, such as the use of antiperspirants, deodorants or talc on the areas most affected by this phenomenon , Such as underarms, groin, under the breasts, etc. However, these products represent a real health hazard due to their high content of aluminum salts and parabens.

To remedy the sweat under the breasts, very troublesome for women, a young woman by the name of Erin Robertson created the Tata Towel, a bra with the unique model.

The Tata Towel : Say goodbye to sweating under the breasts

As the name suggests, this new bra is made from a bath towel. Thus, it effectively absorbs perspiration throughout the day. Simply place it on the shoulders and then roll the breasts.

In addition, this very comfortable bra can support the breasts and keep them in place, as it perfectly meets the needs of pregnant and lactating women. Its soft tissue is perfectly suited to the first of which the nipples are more sensitive and painful during pregnancy and its practicality and its capacity to absorb the milk which flows between feedings makes it easier for the latter and avoids having to change several clothes times a day.

The Tata Towel can also be used after a shower or to sunbathe in the sun.

After its launch, this new women's underwear has had several followers, although the opinions remain rather divided concerning it. Some women say they love him while others blame him for his lack of style and discretion under a t-shirt. Another small flat: the Tata Towel exists only in models intended for women with strong chest. Women wearing A and B caps will not find their size.

Other solutions to reduce sweating under the breasts:

Panty liners:
Absorbents with a pleasant, perfumed odor, panty liners are effective in absorbing perspiration. Just stick them inside the bra, so that they are placed just below the breasts, once the underwear is worn. This tip can also be used to prevent ringing in the armpits.

Argan oil :
This cosmetic oil with a thousand virtues would also prevent the formation of sweat droplets. Apply a few drops under the breasts, then massage them lightly to stay dry throughout the day.

Corn flour:
A natural alternative to talc, corn flour is known for its absorbent properties that absorb sweat. Apply a sufficient amount to the affected area before dressing.

It is also advisable to choose loose clothing that let the skin breathe and opt for natural fibers that absorb sweat, such as cotton. Synthetic fabrics and tight clothing should be avoided as they help to increase body temperature, which causes the body to sweat more to cool off and regain normal temperature.