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This Trick Can Save Your Life. Here's The Best Way To Get Out Of A Car Sinking in Deep Water

This Trick Can Save Your Life. Here's The Best Way To Get Out Of A Car Sinking in Deep Water

Save Your Life Way To Get Out Of A Car Sinking in Deep Water

In opposite to what one may believe, a car that falls into the water does not sink immediately but remains a moment in a position of horizontal floatation. And it is at this moment that it will be necessary to govern to save his life!

According to various constants, especially meteorological, a car can flow in the water with one or more passengers inside. The first reflex of the majority of people is to call the rescue and panic, which causes them to waste time. In this kind of situation, you have to act intelligently and quickly!

According to Dr. Gordon Geisbrecht, a professional diver and researcher at the University of Manitoba, Canada, a person has about a minute to get out of a car submerged by water. It is therefore essential not to give in to panic and avoid bad decisions that can be fatal. The opening of a door, for example, accelerates the submersion of the car instead of letting it float for a moment.

How to react in this situation?

Once in the water ...

Be calm and quickly detach your belt and those of other non-adult passengers. You do not have much time, so it is useless to try to call the rescue. According to Dr. Gordon Geisbrecht, the water reached the level of the windows in the passenger compartment between 30 and 60 seconds after the accident. So try by all means to open them as quickly as possible. The side windows will be your only emergency exits, unlike the doors that are blocked by the external pressure exerted by the water.

If the water has not yet reached the level of the windows, lower a window and slip out of the car. It is possible to lower the power windows if the battery still works.

It's time to break one of the windows

Designed to be unbreakable, trying to break the windshield would be a real waste of time. Instead, try your luck with the rear window or the side window of the car if you have a hard or sharp object such as a key, a high heel or even the metal part of your headrest. Do not forget to wrap your hands with clothing to avoid the risk of injury.

Phew, it works

While sliding through the broken window, preferably put on your back, take your head out first and swim as soon as possible. If you have children in your company, take them out first and give them floating objects if possible.

The air pocket, a valuable supply of oxygen

In case you can not leave the vehicle on time and sink, you must have the reflex to unlock the doors to make it easier for rescuers.

The air pocket, which usually forms close to the roof, can constitute a real reserve of oxygen in this case. In no case should it be considered a refuge, but a means of regaining strength after each effort.

Some tests have shown that an air pocket can sometimes hold an hour, and it has actually happened that survivors survived more than 20 minutes.

Disaster scenario

If, by misfortune, all your attempts fail, and the water begins to get seriously into the passenger compartment, you have only one solution: wait for the car to sink completely under water. The internal pressure gradually balances with the external pressure, you will be able in this case to open the door.

If possible, turn on the headlights to attract people's attention and remove your clothes, shoes and any heavy items in your pockets to allow for easy swimming.

Once outside the car, climb quickly to the surface and pay attention to the various obstacles you may encounter (rocks, columns of concrete bridges or boats). If you can not orient yourself follow the light or direction in which the bubbles rise.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to survive this type of accident if you follow the advice of the experts and do the right thing at the right time. And again, if you find yourself in this situation, do not panic and act quickly.