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Here's How To Treat Back And Joint Pain With This Magic Trick

Here's How To Treat Back And Joint Pain With This Magic Trick

Treat Back And Joint Pain

We all know that aluminum foil has different uses. Indeed, it is used in cooking, in hairdressing salons, for do-it-yourself and many other tricks are carried out from this paper. Nevertheless, what we do not know is that the latter also has virtues on health.

According to traditional Chinese medicine and Russian research, the effectiveness of aluminum foil has been proven and experienced on pain, especially those of the back and joints.

Before treating your back, discover the causes of a painful back.

The causes of the painful back:

Back pain is usually caused by intense exertion on the spine or poor posture. There are however several other factors that cause back pain. These include:

Being large: According to specialists, the larger a person is, the greater the risk of having low back pain.

Being overweight: weight fatigues the back because of packed discs.

Being sedentary: adopting a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of back pain. Before, back pain was associated only with old age while currently one can be prone to back pain before reaching 30 years.
Being Stressed: Stress and negative emotions affect the rehydration of our discs.

Poor seated positions: When sitting in front of the television, make sure to maintain the right position of the back, with cushions or the like.

Carrying heavy loads: the forces provided during a lifting of the weight cause the lumbago.

An inadequate bed: we spend a third of our lives in bed, a good bed quality is essential especially when the back pain is morning. These reflect our quality of sleep and that is the moment to review the condition of the mattress.

There are several treatments that are recommended for people with back pain: they are usually medications (analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs for example), injections or rest. There is also a very unusual but effective remedy that is nothing but aluminum foil.

The effect of aluminum foil on pain:

Aluminum foil reduces pain by treating inflammatory reactions. Indeed, it acts on energy. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the pioneers in healing through energy. Aluminum foil regulates the flow of energy through the meridian, which reduces the energy that causes pain.

Method of use of aluminum foil:

The method of use is simple, just wrap the aluminum foil like a bandage around the sore area and leave it a few minutes. Repeat every day for at least one week (Chinese healers recommend a maximum of 12 days) to reduce or eliminate pain. Also effective for sciatica and numbness.

Other aluminum foil treatments:

Aluminum foil can cure pain in the neck, back, arms and feet. At the same time it acts on the pains of knees, joints and muscles in general.

Other uses of aluminum foil:

There are quite different uses of aluminum foil. Here are a few:

Shine oxidized metals: Take a piece of wet aluminum foil and rub metal objects such as taps as an example.

For storage: its flexible and easily malleable shape allows aluminum foil to seal plastic bags. You can use aluminum foil to close a plastic bag using an iron.
To sharpen the scissors: to do this, simply fold a piece of aluminum foil. Cutting several times in this sheet will make your scissors sharp.

Protect the ovens from grease: instead of wasting a lot of time cleaning the oven, put a sheet of aluminum foil and after a few cooking times remove it, clean slightly and replace another.

Preserving bananas: by covering the stems of bananas they are delayed their ripening. This will avoid wasting especially when buying a large amount.

Tooth whitening: In this case, aluminum foil will act as a gutter found in orthodontists. This aluminum gutter can be made and poured into it a mixture of baking soda and water. Leave on for 5 minutes and remove. Do not exceed once a week because baking soda has an abrasive ability that can damage tooth enamel.