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Your Hairstyle Says A Lot About Your Personality

Your Hairstyle Says A Lot About Your Personality

Your Hairstyle Says A Lot About Your Personality

Short, long, with a fringe or stripe, the hairstyle depends not only on tastes but also reveals certain character traits of a person. Believe it or not, your hair speaks volumes about you and your personality and every hairstyle has a meaning of its own.

The haircut has always been influenced by the customs and customs of each epoch since ancient times. Hair has always been regarded as an outward sign of seduction, morality and even an indicator marking the separation between man and woman. Morals have evolved, and today there is a certain openness of mind that allows one to comb his hair without fear and to apprehend the gaze of others and what will be said.

Each period was marked by a specific hairstyle, there were the permanent ones in the 50s which revealed a desire for freedom post war or even long hair in the 70s with style baba cool. Long considered private, the manes are now revealed in the public space and each hairstyle corresponds to a specific style and some even meet social criteria. They differ according to culture and social class.

Each haircut has its own psychology and interpretation.


Women who wear a straight or side fringe have a sensitive character and feel the need to protect themselves from the outside world by putting a certain distance between them and their entourage. They are not afraid but are shy and have a wild side when it comes to being in the company of other people.

If they face an obstacle or face a confrontation, they close quickly and refuse dialogue. Unfortunately, this exaggerated timidity prevents them from highlighting the delicacy and intuition with which they are endowed.

The line on the right

Such a hairstyle reveals people of deep, thoughtful character who take time for reflection and introspection. There is a certain preference for true, authentic, whole, even intimist relationships, which is why they feel uneasy when they are in society. They are not fond of worldly events decorated with artifices and prefer simplicity.

In friendship, they are very faithful, attentive, attentive and like to take the time to advise and guide in case of need. On the other hand, when it comes to making a decision, they prefer to take their time instead of acting on a whim.

The line on the left

When the movement of the hair tends to the right, it is specific to active people who like to move constantly, to travel, to discover and to refuse the inactivity. They are determined, like to go to the essential without wasting time to procrastinate and advance without asking questions.

Very comfortable in society, however, they have difficulty expressing their emotions because they are very sensitive and prefer to cultivate their secret garden.

Ponytail or chignon

When the hair is pulled backwards in a ponytail or in a bun, this is a sign of a certain openness and a desire for discovery. Women who opt for this hairstyle are not afraid to go ahead and crunch life to the fullest.

Dynamic, energetic and frank, their excess of frankness can sometimes hurt because they lack diplomacy. But they are quickly forgiven because their company is highly appreciated thanks to their optimism and their joie de vivre.

The stripe in the middle

If your hair always has a stripe in the middle that they are loose or tied, this is a sign of a voluntary character and an aspiration to a balanced and harmonious life. There is a concern for accuracy, rigor, righteousness and even intransigence in order to maintain simple but solid and transparent relations.

There is a real enthusiasm for a calm atmosphere and a ceaseless spiritual quest.

The nape of the neck

If you have short hair or you always opt for a high ponytail that clears the neck, you are an entire person who refuses anything superficial and sometimes tactless. You refuse to make efforts and feel that it is the others who must adapt to you that which tends to confuse them.

Your personality, too frank and too rash, can be taken for unconsciousness