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14 Beauty Tips That Will Make Women's Lives Easier Than Before!

14 Beauty Tips That Will Make Women's Lives Easier Than Before!

The fact of applying makeup from time to time and taking care of these beauty products can be a rather difficult task for some women because it requires some time. However, there are techniques and tricks that will make life easier for you ladies. Find out a few in this article.

When it comes to beauty routine, women sometimes have bad habits that can be very dangerous to the health of their skin. That's why today we're presenting simple and healthy tips.

Discover the 17 beauty tips that will make your life easier:

1 - Refresh the mascara

If you have noticed that your mascara has dried and you need it immediately, add a few drops of lukewarm water to your tube, close it and then shake well. You can also use 2 drops of sweet almond oil or castor oil, your mascara will be like new.
Before using your mascara, first check its expiration date as using expired products may cause infection or irritation.

2 - Whiten yellow nails

This trick is natural, quick and easy. Simply soak your nails in lemon juice, rub them with a toothbrush (which will not be used afterwards) and place a half lemon on your nails. Then you can rub your nails with a toothbrush coated with baking soda. Then rinse with lukewarm water. The results are amazing!

3 - Indicate the expiry date

Several cosmetic companies use a symbol that indicates the validity time of the products from the date of their opening. To remember this date, use a marker pencil to indicate the date of opening on the product. Generally, periods are between 6 and 24 months.

4 - Repair a broken nail

Do you have a broken nail? Do not panic! Take a small piece of a tea bag and cut it out so that it covers only the broken part of the nail. Then apply a clear varnish and place the small piece of the sachet. The nail will be glued under the membrane.

5 - Clean the hair brush

There are several effective tips to clean your hairbrush. You can use baking soda mixed with warm water and soak your brush overnight. White vinegar is also very effective, perform the same operation and in the morning rinse your brush in lukewarm water.

6 - To reduce the gloss of a lipstick

You bought a new lipstick, you like the color but by applying it you noticed that it is much too bright. It's easy, apply a bit of blush of the same color on your lips! It will attenuate the gloss of the lipstick and you will get a perfect color!

7 - Make a manicure and a perfect varnish pose

If you are not good at this kind of activity, we offer you a very easy trick. Apply some petroleum jelly on the skin of the edges of your nails and then put your varnish. Wash the vaseline, once the varnish is dry. Your manicure will be perfect.

8 - Protect your products during the journey

While traveling we all tend to take our little cosmetics with us. But we sometimes find them damaged and broken. In order to avoid breaking your products and especially the powders by carrying them while traveling, you can simply add a ball of cotton wool in the container while covering the surface.

9 - Washing the brushes

You probably use brushes to apply your blush or eye shadow, but you do not have the time and you do not want to spend money to buy more. The trick is simple. Wet your brushes, take a plastic plate and place the brush heads on it. Put some shampoo and rub gently with your fingers. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

10 - Get a new eyeliner

If the brush of your eyeliner is damaged or dried, do not throw it away. Several brands of cosmetics offer a brush-double, just flip it and you'll have a new brush on the other side!

11 - Have a soft skin even with shaving

If you need to shave your legs, opt for this very effective technique that will make them very soft. Use baby oil. Apply it first on the desired area and then pass your shaver.

12 - Soften the skin of the feet

To have smooth, soft feet like a baby, soak them in a mixture of 2 cups of warm water, 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of mouthwash. This remedy can also help you fight mushrooms.

13 - Avoid Excess Lipstick

After applying a lipstick, suck your finger for a second or two. This will cause the excess lipstick to glue on your finger instead of your teeth.

14 - Protect your fingers

Cover the head of your razor with a large paper clip to protect your fingers by rummaging through your travel bag!