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5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms

5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms

5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms

When we want to lose weight, we tend to target certain areas in particular like tummy, or hips. However, to have a harmonious body, it is essential to work all the muscles because the grease is even lodged at the level of the arms!

To regain a healthy weight, the first step is to change your diet by favoring a healthy and balanced diet. Then, the second step involves the resumption of regular physical activity. To help you in this second phase, discover exercises to practice at home to have firm and toned arms!

The 5 exercises for firm and toned arms

1. Arms and Legs Lift

Flabby Arms

This exercise is not only excellent for the arms, but also for the legs and back.

All you need to do is start on all fours and extend the right arm and left leg simultaneously. Hold the position for 5 seconds, taking care to keep the limbs straight and the back straight. Then alternate between the arm and leg opposite.

2. Half-moon rotation

Flabby Arms

The half-moon rotation exercise focuses on the shoulders, biceps and triceps to help you get firm arms.

Perform this exercise with your feet slightly apart and arms outstretched. Turn your thumbs until they are facing up, then back again. Make small, quick circles with your arms. Do 30 repetitions of this exercise keeping your arms tight.

3. Side Plank Lifts

Flabby Arms

This exercise is beneficial for the shoulders, back and arms.

To do this, start by making the board sideways with the legs on top of each other. Use your elbow to support you as you lift your body off the ground and stretch your arm forward. For a beginner level, start with a light weight until you are comfortable enough to replace it with a dumbbell.

4. Overhead Triceps-Raises

Flabby Arms

The triceps extension exercise allows you to work your arms.

Stand with your legs slightly apart, having a dumbbell in each hand. Fold the arm behind the head and stretch upwards. Make sure to keep your arm steady and the muscles contracted. Add more weight as you gain strength.

5. Ball push-ups

Flabby Arms

This exercise is done for you if you want to develop your upper body muscles.

To do this, put yourself in the position of the board. Place a hand on the floor and a hand on the ball as you lower down to make pumps. Alternate hand on ball 4-5 times per side.

You can use a medical balloon to perform this exercise or other sports balls. A stack of books also makes it possible to do the ball push-ups.