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A Baby Is Born During His 19th Week, But It Is Heartbreaking When His Mother Puts It On His Chest

A Baby Is Born During His 19th Week, But It Is Heartbreaking When His Mother Puts It On His Chest

A birth is considered premature when it takes place, before the normal term, after 37 weeks of pregnancy. When a baby is born between the 29th and the 32nd week, it is already a very premature baby. But what to say when this birth takes place at the 19th week? This is the case of Walter Joshua Fretz who came into the world with 20 weeks in advance.

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Impatient to be born

In the summer of 2013, Alexis Fretz, nicknamed Lexi by her friends and family, was pregnant. Everything went as planned until she suddenly felt a lot of pain and started bleeding abnormally.

Lexi called his doctor and was rushed to the hospital. In fact, the contractions had already begun, and even if she had only been pregnant for 19 weeks, she had no choice but to give birth.

The doctor who took care of the birth of this child so impatient to come into the world knew he had no chance of survival, but that did not prevent him from giving his parents an incredible time will never forget. Little Walter held out long enough for a miracle to happen.

For a short moment, life beat in the chest of little Walter. It was a moment his mother would never forget.

"He was born at 9:42 pm and was handed to me as soon as his cord was pinched, I was crying so much at that time, but he was perfect, he was completely trained and everything was in place, I could see his heart beat in his chest, "writes Alexis on his blog. "Joshua and I both held it, and we cried our little boy so perfect. The nurses and the doctor let us spend some time with him."

But there was not much strength left for Walter, so it was Father Joshua's turn to say hello and goodbye. He gently put his son on his chest and took him into his heart forever.

Then, Walter's big sister insisted on saying goodbye.

Even though the tears ran down her cheeks, she was grateful to have a moment with her little brother.

Although Walter's time on earth was too short, his family felt grateful to share a moment with their little angel. Lexi was incredibly grateful to the hospital staff, they were all angels in their own way.

"All I can say to my doctor and the nurses is not enough, they never mentioned the fetus name, they prayed with me, wept with me and were there for every one of my needs. Even in such a tough time, I felt the love of all. They looked after us incredibly well. ", Writes Alexis.

Lexi's strength is both impressive and inspiring. This mother will never know why her son has had so little time with her family. But, hopefully, they will one day find one way or another.

The loss of a loved one is difficult mail it is more so when it is a child or a baby. Saying goodbye to their son certainly must have been painful and only time is able to make this separation more bearable.