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A Mother Adopts A Boy Whom Nobody Wanted - 28 Years Later She Is Struck By A Horrible Truth

A Mother Adopts A Boy Whom Nobody Wanted - 28 Years Later She Is Struck By A Horrible Truth

A Mother Adopts A Boy Whom Nobody Wanted

The reasons for a couple to adopt are diverse and varied, but in most cases the decision often comes after several attempts to have a child in a natural natural way. Some couples embrace this for ethical reasons, such as adopting a child who lives in a country at war. But the fact remains that the common factor remains the desire to welcome a child to offer him love, tenderness and a pleasant living environment within a loving family.

Difficult adoption

This is the case of Ingeborg McIntosh, a woman, who went through many trials to adopt her son Jordan.

He was only a newborn when she saw him for the first time. For the next four years, Ingeborg had to fight to convince her biological mother to let her adopt. She refused and wanted to put her in a black family.

Only destiny decided otherwise because nobody from the black community showed any interest in Jordan. Ingeborg was finally allowed to adopt it. His happiness was immense on the day when at last they confided it to him. Jordan was 4 years old.

A moving story

Jordan was raised in the house of Ingeborg. Although her biological mother did not want the family to adopt her, she wanted her child to be adopted by black parents. But as she failed to get what she wanted, it was entrusted to Ingeborg and her family who adopted her.

"He was part of the family, no matter what," Ingeborg said.
But 20 years later, this mother-child relationship has taken a dramatic turn ...

Ingeborg received heartbreaking news: she had severe kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant.

Jordan saw her mother's condition and could not sit back and watch her mother suffer. He decided to act - without his mother knowing what he was planning to do. He actually made an appointment to see if he was compatible for transplantation. And it was a miracle!

"I think it was my duty, I suppose," Jordan said. "I hope I can do more for her as I age, but for the moment, it's the least I can do."

Ingeborg refused and insisted that Jordan not go to the end of his plan, but it was decided.

When Jordan speaks of his mother, his love and dedication are clear: he can hardly speak of his kindness without crying.

"Everything she has done for me since I was a child, I just wanted to give it back to her, and show her how much I love her," he says.

Despite all the hardships and difficult times, this story has a happy ending - all thanks to the strong bond between a mother and her son. If you like this story, share it with your friends.