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8 Very Bad Habits That You Must Stop During Your Periods!

8 Very Bad Habits That You Must Stop During Your Periods!

8 Very Bad Habits That You Must Stop During Your Periods

Each month (almost) all women go through a difficult time when they suffer from abdominal cramps, mood swings, fatigue and many other troublesome symptoms caused by major hormonal changes: this is the period rules. To preserve your health and balance during these difficult days, discover 9 bad habits to stop absolutely.

8 bad habits to avoid absolutely during menstruation:

Keep the same sanitary napkin throughout the day:

Even if your periods are not abundant, it is essential to change the sanitary pad every 3 to 4 hours to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and consequently of infections.

Avoid increasing your pain:

Feeling pain during menstruation is not an isolated or rare phenomenon, quite the contrary. If you are one of the women who suffer from it, do not push the limits of your body by causing you more pain. So forget the waxing and shift your appointment at the dentist for the next week.

Doing intense physical exercises:

Regular physical activity is essential to keep your body healthy. However, certain recommendations should not be overlooked. During menstruation, for example, it is advisable to be satisfied with mild to moderate physical exercises, not to fatigue even more your body, already weakened by bleeding.

Skip the meals:

The hormonal changes accompanying this phase of the female menstrual cycle can be the cause of appetite disorders in women. This is why some of them do not hesitate to skip their meals because of their lack of appetite. This habit is to be stopped immediately, because the body's nutrient and hydration needs increase during the menstrual period, since it must compensate for the loss of blood and energy it suffers. It is therefore recommended to eat his three main meals a day and choose a healthy and balanced menu. It is also possible to provide healthy snacks (fruits, dried fruits ...) to boost the body's energy level.

Nibble in the middle of the night:

Unlike the previous point, some women are overwhelmed by an irresistible craving for sweet foods and fatty dishes, which can sometimes occur in the middle of the night. To prevent your body from wasting its energy for a difficult digestion, try to control your impulses, or at least, content yourself with a fruit or some nuts.

Do not get enough sleep:

Because of abdominal cramps, digestive problems, or menstrual discomfort, many women find it hard to fall asleep or wake up several times during the night. However, a deep and sufficient sleep is essential to allow the body to relax and recharge its batteries. Do not hesitate to take relaxing teas before bed, to help you to sleep more easily.

Eating red meats:

Rich in arachidonic acid, a fatty acid that promotes the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, red meats are to be avoided during menstruation if you do not want to intensify the pain of your cramps.

Watch depressing movies:

Low morale and hypersensitivity are two very common psychic symptoms during menstruation. To avoid sinking even more in this momentary depression, do not be tempted by depressing movies and sad songs. Instead, try to see fun shows or comedies that will change your mind and give you a smile.