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7 Carcinogenic Foods Produced In China That You Absolutely Must Not Eat! It's Dangerous !

7 Carcinogenic Foods Produced In China That You Absolutely Must Not Eat! It's Dangerous !

7 Carcinogenic Foods Produced In China

We all know that in recent years, many of the foods we eat come from China. The products of this country flood the world market and even countries known for their agriculture import large quantities of food whose quality is often questionable. The reason behind this import of harmful foods is certainly due to their very low price.

Here is a list of the most dangerous foods imported from China, and that we consume:

Apple juice

A cheap apple juice that does not taste very well, this is a product that may have traveled a long distance, a long road coming from China. This juice is often found as such or as a mixture. Its taste is often a bit acidic and not very fruity. China uses a large amount of pesticides, much more than is allowed, and therefore a high amount of chemical residues are found in their fruits and vegetables. An unresolved problem so far.

Industrial salt

There is a good chance that we will consume industrial salt on a daily basis. China often uses this salt as a table salt, whereas it is not suitable for human consumption, it can cause heart attacks, high blood pressure, hypertension, mental and physical problems, problems hypothyroidism and reproductive system disorders.

The Cod 

The cod is a type of fish grown in China, this fish is not healthy and lives in its own waste. The Cod, also called Cod, is a voracious fish. And there are big problems with the feeding of this fish in China, given the great pollution of the water. Approximately 51% of cod in the US market, for example, comes from China.


Many food security experts are concerned about the questionable quality of chicken from China, as China is a country where avian flu and food-borne illnesses are frequent. In addition, China is the leading country in terms of pesticide production in the world.


The Chinese use many hazardous pesticides such as methyl bromide in food production. Chinese garlic is sprayed heavily with chemicals, also note that this garlic leaves a bad aftertaste that resembles a chemical concoction.


Tilapia is a very popular fish and very popular in most food markets. 80% of Tilapia comes from China.

It is known in China that fish farmers do not let their children eat the seafood they grow. A few years ago, a report in China spoke of the case of a young girl living in a fish farming village. She started menstruating at the age of 7, because of the high levels of hormones used. Fish farmers use powerful antibiotics and growth hormones to keep the fish alive, often under conditions of poor hygiene and overpopulation.


The Chinese are also known for the production of fake rice based on a false synthetic resin and potatoes. When it is boiled, the rice remains hard and does not cook like normal rice. China has recently experienced a huge scandal over its rice, as tests have shown that its content of cadmium, a toxic heavy metal, is very high. Cadmium is associated with several health problems, including cancers, bone malformations, kidney failure, etc. The contamination is due to the water polluted by the installation of very polluting factories close to the rice fields.

We hope that after reading this, you will think twice before buying foods that are not local.