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Eat 5 Nuts And Wait 4 Hours: Something Special Will Happen To You!

Eat 5 Nuts And Wait 4 Hours: Something Special Will Happen To You!

Eat 5 Nuts And Wait

The health benefits of nuts are many and varied. A handful of this small dry leak has great effects on the body! Discover them in this article.

The nut is a dry nut. It is produced by walnut trees that are trees belonging to the family of juglandaceae. It is grown mainly in California (60% of the world's nuts, more than 303 000 tonnes per year). Like other oleaginous fruits, in addition to being a delight used in many recipes, it is endowed with a multitude of virtues for health. Nevertheless, it differs from this class of nutrients in a very specific composition in certain substances, enabling it to have a miraculous effect for the prevention and cure of certain diseases in a very short period of time.

According to Dr. Penny Kris Etherton, a nutrition professor at Penn State University in Pennsylvania, consuming only a handful of nuts or a little nut oil for four days a week can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.

A study was conducted on the benefits of nuts. It is the first of its kind to identify the active constituents of nuts offering the best health benefits: by eating only 50g of nuts (three tablespoons of walnut oil), you can improve the condition of your blood vessels in just 4 hours. Regular intake would provide permanent protection.

Nuts and heart disease

Indeed, the nut allows a significant reduction in the level of bad cholesterol thanks to its high content of lipids and the nature of its fatty acids in addition to its richness in phytosterols. The latter are plant sterols which are lipids also present in vegetables and fruits. They are characterized by the fact that their structure resembles that of cholesterol which limits its absorption by the small intestine and its passage to the blood.

This small daily portion also allows you to improve the flexibility of the blood vessels with the result of course a better blood circulation.

In addition, walnut oil has proven to be particularly beneficial for endothelial cells (the cells that border blood vessels) playing an important role in their flexibility.

Other health benefits of nuts

Moreover, nuts can reduce your risk of diabetes, alleviate stress, help prevent Alzheimer's disease in addition to being a significant ally against cancer especially breast cancer by slowing down the development of cancer cells. Indeed, a study by the Marshall University of West Virginia has shown.

In ancient Greece and medieval Britain, doctors used nuts to treat mental illnesses and migraines while the Romans used them to stir up desire in the couple.

In short, walnuts are an unbreakable health ally given their richness in antioxidants, omega-3, polyunsaturated fatty acids and several other nutrients. So to integrate this small portion of this delicious fruit into our diet would be of great wisdom! But do not forget, this is a handful of nuts and not two. Indeed, two handfuls of nuts contain 650 calories!