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Finally I Found How Much To Walk To Start Losing Weight!

Finally I Found How Much To Walk To Start Losing Weight!

How Much To Walk To Start Losing Weight

The practice of walking is inescapably effective in weight loss. But how long is it necessary to have an optimal result? Here is how often you should walk.

Walking is the most accessible and easiest exercise to do. Depending on how often you walk, you can begin to easily lose 3500 calories per week or even more in less than 5 months you can lose 70,000 calories and without necessarily resorting to a diet.

When you burn calories and chase fat from your body, you are also toning your muscles and improving your health. Once you know how to incorporate the practice of walking into your daily routines, it will be part of a simple but very beneficial daily routine.

How to lose weight by walking?

The number of calories you can burn while walking depends on your weight and your walking rate.

On average, if you walk with a standard rate of 2000 steps per hour, you can burn approximately 400 calories per hour.
You do not necessarily need to walk 6 kilometers a day, you can travel less distance.

Moreover, to make your quest for weight loss while walking is methodical and measurable, there is a device called pedometer specifically designed for this.

The pedometer and weight loss:

The pedometer is a device that helps you measure the number of steps you make instead of counting them. It is lightweight and gives exactly the number of steps taken during your workout or along the day as well as the number of calories burned.

In order to know how far you will have to go to overcome the problem of overweight, you can do a simple mathematical calculation to increase the distance traveled according to the number of calories you want to burn.

What is the distance to go to lose weight?

To lose weight, a person normally needs to travel about 1.5 km or an average of 2000 not which burns approximately 100 calories. To lose 500g per week, you must burn 500 calories per day. In other words, it would take 10,000 steps per day.

Your pedometer will allow you to keep an eye on your steps to find out how far you are traveling each day and how many calories have been burned. This will also help if you do not have enough time to train yourself.

As mentioned before, the pedometer is your best ally to track the progress you make in terms of calories burned and distance traveled.

How to stay motivated?

Repeating a same practice the same way daily can lead you to boredom. So, to motivate you on a daily basis, Change! Walk in different parks, different neighborhoods, listen to music in parallel.

On the other hand, do not let the cold winter prevent you from doing your daily walk. Subscribe to a gym and carpet, if possible, invest in a treadmill and place it in front of a window or in front of your television. You can enjoy a natural scenery by watching the window or watching your favorite show while moving.

You can also invite a member of the family or a friend. Even if it only reaches you once a week, it is always a beneficial way to break your routine. Even devoted walkers get bored after a while. Anticipate then before the boredom sets in.

The best walking posture

When you do your walking exercise, point your chin up, look forward, tighten your stomach. This way of walking will help you get the most out of your workout.

Standard routine routine:

Start walking three days a week for 15 to 20 minutes. Then you can gradually increase the duration to between 30 minutes and then 60 minutes per day with an almost daily frequency if possible.

Caution :
Before starting the walk, it is better to consult your doctor to make sure that your state of health allows you to practice this activity.