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Here's What Happens To Your Body When You Soak 4 Almonds In The Water Overnight

Here's What Happens To Your Body When You Soak 4 Almonds In The Water Overnight

What Happens To Your Body When You Soak 4 Almonds In The Water Overnight

The body needs good nutrition, not only for your physique but also for your mind and even more for your appearance. That's why we will discover together an excellent food for your health: almonds.

The kernel is the fruit of the almond tree, it is sold in shell or with the carapace, a bleached almond is a kernel almond which has been plunged into the water to soften the tegument and then reveal the white seed. It is a fruit rich in fiber, vitamins, protein, magnesium and potassium. According to experts and scientists, it would be necessary to eat 10 per day!

Why soak the almonds? Almonds contain enzyme inhibitors that prevent their proper digestion. By soaking them this problem disappears!

Almonds therefore have many benefits on our health, discover them:

Reduce cholesterol:

According to the results of 25 scientific studies from Loma Linda University in California, regularly eating almonds reduces the bad cholesterol to more than 5%. The combination of these intakes of fiber, protein and unsaturated fatty acids improves the lipid profile of people at risk.

Boost your energy

The almonds are full of proteins, manganese, copper and riboflavin. All of these nutrients neutralize the toxins in the cells, which helps maintain energy throughout the body.

Protect your heart

Thanks to its composition rich in vitamin E (7.5 mg of vitamin E for 25 almonds or 50% of the daily vitamin E recommendation), almonds would help to fight cardiovascular diseases by preventing the formation of clots in the blood.

Strengthen your bones

The almonds are full of calcium, this major component of our bones and our teeth helps keep them in good condition. The calcium contained in the almonds is an excellent contribution for people who do not consume dairy products, it helps to maintain muscle contractions.

Improve your memory

Almonds are rich in minerals and trace elements, such as zinc. However, a zinc deficiency can affect our ability to learn, think or memorize. Think of consuming almonds from time to time to boost your memory.

Prevent colon cancer

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, consuming nuts, especially almonds, would reduce the risk of colon cancer resurgence by 40%.

Almond is a food for the whole family, a snack for children, appetizers for teenagers, snacks for adults or to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women. Enjoy it!