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Here's Why You Absolutely Must Sleep Naked! The Effect On Your Body Will Surprise You!

Here's Why You Absolutely Must Sleep Naked! The Effect On Your Body Will Surprise You!

Here's Why You Absolutely Must Sleep Naked

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping as much as it is essential to our health and well-being. Indeed, lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and fragilizes the emotional state.

This is why it is essential to preserve the quality of its sleep and to fall asleep in good conditions. But be aware that among the conditions to review for optimum sleep, one finds the pajamas. Indeed, it would be better to sleep naked! Then discover the reasons that prove it below.

The Benefits of Sleeping naked 

Improves sleep

During the night, the body temperature naturally decreases. Wearing a pajamas or being covered with bed sheets is straining your body because it forces it to make more efforts to regulate its temperature. This results in poor quality sleep. It is therefore preferable to sleep naked, especially since a study published in the journal Brain shows that lowering the body temperature by 0.4 ° C allowed the volunteers to double their period of deep sleep during the night.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, sleeping naked is more hygienic than sleeping in pajamas because it allows certain parts of our body to breathe in particular the intimate areas that remain all day long in underwear. They are then subjected to heat and humidity, providing an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and the development of infections. This risk also increases if the pajamas are not changed regularly.

Enhances weight loss

Since the body regulates its temperature during the night, sleeping naked allows the body to spend calories in order to warm up. The latter will then draw from his reserves of fat, the energy he needs. In addition, enjoying a restful sleep helps to cope with the stressful situations that push us to seek comfort in food and also prevents nighttime cravings that cause weight gain.

Increases pleasure and desire

Sleeping naked makes it possible to increase desire and maintain a fulfilling intimate life. Indeed, skin-to-skin contact as well as sensory and emotional closure release oxytocin, the hormone of attachment, which facilitates the release of positive emotions. An intense connection is established between the partners. In addition, this hormone improves blood pressure, stimulates pleasure and get ride of stress.

Preserving Youth

Maintaining a good body temperature overnight releases the growth hormone that triggers fat burning and cell regeneration. In addition, when the retina of the eye catches the drop in temperature, the pineal gland, responsible for producing melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, receives signals. The secretion of melatonin during the night then allows an antioxidant action for the skin and protects it against the free radicals at the origin of the aging of the skin.


The stress hormone that is illustrated by cortisol levels increases when the body temperature is high. This is why when you sleep naked, body temperature regulates and stress decreases. It is important to be fully relaxed when sleeping to enjoy a good quality sleep. In addition, the removal of stress is tantamount to moving away from ailments such as insomnia, digestive problems, mood and vitality disorders, and heart disease and weight gain.

Maintains hormonal balance

A good night's sleep, providing energy throughout the day afterwards, is guaranteed by balanced levels of melatonin and growth hormone. These are naturally released when sleeping naked because the body is subjected to lower temperatures.