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This Poison Destroys Your Bones. But Everybody Drinks It On A Daily Basis!

This Poison Destroys Your Bones. But Everybody Drinks It On A Daily Basis!

This Poison Destroys Your Bones. But Everybody Drinks It On A Daily Basis

As for the bad diet and habits harmful to our health, we find that to consume sodas and soft drinks. And when we talk about sodas, we inevitably think of the famous drink: Coca-Cola. But what about this soft drink?

The Origin of Coca-Cola Drink

The first drink making the history of Coca-Cola was invented by pharmacist John Pemberton and was called the French Wine Coca. This pharmacist and chemist who took part in the American Civil War started the creation of this drink in order to overcome his lack of morphine and cocaine, substances he had been prescribed following wounds in a battle . Originally alcoholic and based on coca, cola nuts and damiana, the drink becomes alcohol-free after the mayor of Atlanta organized a referendum on the ban on alcohol in the city.

Pemberton then launches an alcohol-free version based on cola syrup diluted with sparkling water. The basic leitmotiv of the drink was its medicinal virtues in view of its main ingredients: coca leaves and kola nut. Cocaine is extracted from coca leaves while kola nut has stimulant and antidepressant properties. However, to balance the taste the inventor added citric acid.

The drink was then bought by Asa Candler and he founded The Coca-Cola Company, allowing it to flourish internationally thanks to its emphasis not on its medicinal properties but on its refreshing taste. The Coca-Cola formula is at the origin of various controversies because the company still retains the recipe and the way of secret production even though we know that this drink contains mainly carbonated water, sugar, extracts of cola leaves, dyes, acidifiers, flavors and caffeine.

A problem therefore arises with regard to the dangers of the consumption of Coca-Cola. Various adverse and even fatal health consequences have been discovered. So here's what happens in your body after drinking Coca-Cola!

After 10 minutes: During the first 10 minutes, the body will absorb all the sugar contained in the coca, about 7 pieces of sugars. Moreover, because of the phosphoric acid contained in this drink, you will not feel the true sweet taste.

After 20 minutes: The increase in the glycemic index and the level of insulin will favor the conversion of sugar into fats in the liver.

After 40 minutes: The caffeine contained in the Coca-Cola will be completely absorbed by the body which will lead to an increase in blood flow and thus a release of more sugar in the liver. In addition, the brain will block the receptors of adenosine, a hormone that causes fatigue at the end of the day, which will lead to the absence of feeling fatigue.

After 45 minutes: An increase in dopamine secretion will appear, having a similar effect to heroin. Coca therefore has an addictive effect because of its concentration in sugar, which is why some people are dependent on Coca-Cola.

After 50 minutes: A feeling of dehydration will appear because the level of calcium, magnesium and zinc in the body will be in free fall. This is caused by the body's efforts to evacuate sugar through the urine.

After 60 minutes: First, you will be hypoglycemic, that is, you will suffer a drop in the level of sugar in your body and you will feel tired physically and mentally. Then, the caffeine present in coca-cola will eliminate a larger amount of calcium and magnesium through the urine. Now these two nutrients are valuable for strengthening the bones and hydrating the body.

After more than an hour: Since the sugar has been completely distributed throughout the body, you will feel a feeling of fatigue, mood disorders and some irritability because all the nutrients essential to the proper functioning of the body have been eliminated, increasing the risk of diabetes.

The best moisturizing for the body therefore goes through the consumption of water!