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Research Shows That People With This Type Of Blood Might Just Be Alien

Research Shows That People With This Type Of Blood Might Just Be Alien

Might Just Be Alien

Modern medicine categorized human blood into four groups: A, B, AB and O. The main difference between blood types is related to the presence of a protein called Rhesus in each group. Rhesus is a genetic feature: one is always of the same rhesus whether it is positive or negative. A person is rhesus positive if his red blood cells carry, on their surface, the rhesus molecule. However, blood of the Rhesus negative type creates an interesting exception, since this type does not contain proteins.

There are several theories about the reason for this protein deficiency and one theory suggests origins from another world. In other words, people with such a blood type, and who represent about 15% of the human population, could come from a different planet.

Theories like this go a long way, but one thing is certain: people with this type of blood have unique characteristics. First of all, there is the question of donating blood, this type of blood can be a donor to all other types of blood. It is compatible on all the scale of blood, and with everyone. However, unfortunately for people with this type, they are very limited in their compatibility to receive blood, as only their own type can help them. Geographically, although they represent a solid percentage of the human population, they are mainly located in northern Europe.

Origins of the type

The original question of origins remains unanswered. Scientists in the fields of genetics, biology and archeology have questioned the exact origin of the Rh-negative blood group, which dates back to about 35,000 years. Approximately 40-45% of Europeans have a negative Rh group but only 3% of African-Americans and 1% of Asian people have a negative Blood Rh.


There are common physical characteristics to consider, such as a generally lower than average body temperature, red or auburn hair, higher than average sensitivity to high temperatures, green eyes, blue eyes, or hazel eyes. And also more physical and emotional consciousness.

Theories of foreign origin are still fueled by the circumstances surrounding pregnancy of Rh negative women. Namely, these women have trouble giving birth to a Rh positive child, as their body naturally tries to kill the child.

Why would the Rh negative mother body attack its own offspring?

It's almost like he's a stranger to her. Indeed, it is only with timely medical intervention that such birth can take place and ensure the safety of the baby. This is a very odd situation from the medical point of view, since nature has created all the necessary conditions for the partial development and birth of a human child. Now we are experiencing an exception to this natural rule, with a body trying to end a life for which it was built.

That's where it gets interesting. So there is a new theory that aliens exist and have visited our planet for centuries. Many people say they have been kidnapped and interacted with other  alien beings, and many of them a negative Blood Rh. Some people believe that this type of blood comes from the Sumerians or Annunakis.

Nevertheless, at this stage, we know only what science has examined and researched, which, fortunately or unfortunately, leaves an important gap in the face of  alien plot theories to find their place in the forums discussion and blogs.